From Hip to Housewife…in  two kids flat: On Aging and Momming and My Twenty Year Quest to lose the same Ten Pounds

Nancy Friedman is the Co-Founder of KidzVuz Media a tween focused media and entertainment company dedicated to delivering safe, creative and empowering products to tweens and their parents through interactive media, mobile apps, brand marketing and live events.  Their flagship property, KidzVuz.com, is a a members only Kid Influencer Network where kids age 7-12 can Have Their Say and grown-ups can hear what real kids think about the stuff they love.

Over a twenty-year career as a television writer/producer, Nancy worked at Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel, Lifetime Television, ESPN Classic, Showtime, HBO, WCBS, A&E, Linda Ellerbee’s Lucky Duck Productions, and more.

Nancy has been published in numerous literary anthologies and magazines, including the award winning Brain, Child. Online, her writing has appeared on Mashable, and her essays have been nationally syndicated in the Miami Herald, the Sacramento Bee, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and more. As a parenting and tech expert she has appeared on ABC News and WPIX-NY, and has been been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

“Read my blog if you need to keep up on tech for kids, if you want to learn about life in NYC with twins,  if you know that you’re not the perfect Mom, you never will be, and think life would be boring if you were. Read my blog to make a virtual friend, to laugh, to commiserate, to feel oh so superior when I really really mess up.”

I don’t do a lot of sponsored posts, but if a product really appeals to me, I’ll give it a try.  Contact me for rates: nancy (at) hip2housewife (dot) com.