A Wrinkle in Mine

When my daughter was three, she came up to me on the beach one day and said:

“Mommy, why are your legs so big?”

Ahh…the innocence of youth. No judgements, no critique, just a question. Plain and simple.

Now, my daughter is eight. And just yesterday she said to me:

“Mommy, what are those lines on your face?”

Yikes. I like to think of myself as not all that wrinkled. It’s pretty much the only benefit of having had oily, acne prone skin all my life: I haven’t yet shriveled up like my smooth ivory skinned childhood friends. But now, out of the mouths of babe…Maybe I have more lines than I thought.

I’ve been using Glycolic Acid pads — kinda like Stridex for the post-forty set — for quite some time. And I do think it’s made a difference. But all those creams???? Is one really different than another?

I mean some of these ingredients…olive oil. Should I just stick a pizza on my face? Fruit acids. Maybe I should go Californian and top the pizza facial with pineapple. Pomegranate, copper, Sugar Cane. Maple Sugar. peptides. Who knows what really works? Sometimes I think I should just toss a salad and stick my face in it. Oh wait – I did that today at lunch.

My friend Billy Kolber, expert in everything that matters, votes for the relatively inexpensive and not at all exclusive line of Avon products. Billy, a long time Avon Man, contends that Avon spends more on research than anyone else. They were the first to use alpha hydroxy acids, and they know their stuff. I’ve been buying Avon from him for years. But quite honestly, this new line of Anew Alternative products just smells too strong for me. My husband threatened to leave the bed one night unless I washed it off. It might work — but I can’t use it long enough to find out. (but the reviewer on this link LOVES it)

A recent NY Times article said Glycolic Acid does the best job. But which cream? What works?

Before I start to look like that peach I’ve left in my fridge for way too long — anyone have any thoughts on what skin products really work?

Or maybe I should just mush up the peach and stick it on my “lines.”


  1. Beth says

    I have used the Avon products in the past and love the results and price. I just buy them online! Nancy, I LOVE reading your blog, so interesting and funny!


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