French Woods/Facebook Finds

Humiliating though it may be, I’ve only just discovered the joys of procrastinating with Facebook. Oh, I know all about procrastinating with Stumble Upon, or Snood, or obsessively checking my email. But this Facebook thing – well, it’s brough time-wasting to a whole new level. Plus, it’s made me realize that everybody I’ve ever known knows somebody I know. Really. Six degrees of eat-no-bacon! Jewish geography hits the internet!

I have found SO MANY people that I haven’t seen, thought of, or heard about in DECADES.

And now that I’ve found them…..well, I’m not quite sure what to do.

There is definitely a SERIOUSLY HUGE OMG factor.  Especially the camp people.  I discovered that there is a Facebook group for French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Alums from the 1970’s.  Whoa.  Yes, it’s been THAT long.  And yet there are quite a few of us still waxing poetic about our camp days. What does that say about us?  That we’re the theatrical equivalent of HS Jocks who can’t let go of the big game?  “Remember back in ’76 when I played Mary Poppins?  The crowd wasn’t expecting such a performance, but I had them from the get-go!”  You can almost see the scotch in my hand and smell the cheap perfume in the air.

Or maybe it’s just plain old nostalgia.  For me, it has been, all joking aside, kind of thrilling to hear from people I haven’t seen for more than 25 years.  People with whom I spent every summer bonding with as we put on show after show.  Camp was the only place I was in the “popular crowd,” and man, did it feel good.  If we’d been allowed to pick a lunch table, I would have been with the big shots.  Being able to sing was like being on the cheerleading squad: instant cred.

But I’m kind of worried — what if we can’t get past “how’ve you been for all these years I never once thought of you or you of me?”  What if the OMG factor is all there is?  Will it spoil those memories if I meet these people today and the magic is gone? 

I don’t know — but I think I’m gonna have to find out.  The “Middle Aged French Woods Reunion Party,” or the “If you’re old enough to have worn tube tops Party”  or maybe just the “Damn it was Fun back Then” party. 

Yeah, I’d go to that.

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