#Me too? #Well Duh.

Me too?  Me ten.  Me Twenty.  Me a kajillion.  Click on over to read my #MeToo story, and to find out why I think all of these stories have taken so long to be told. https://medium.com/@Hip2Housewife/metoo-wellduh-f5c96f855d4f Continue Reading

How My Dog Convinced me to Get Botox

cute dog pic

or How my dog drove me to get Botox.   In past years having my period at work meant I regularly employed the old tampon up your sleeve on the way to the rest room routine. But of late I take a different tack. In my dotage, I march towards the restroom twirling my tampon like a baton. Continue Reading

jimmyCASE: My Favorite New iPhone Case


I was given a jimmyCASE to facilitate this review. Although I don't post a whole lot on my blog anymore, I still regularly get pitches from PR companies wanting to send me stuff to review.  Go figure. Mostly, it's stuff I would never want:  diaper bags (my kids are teenagers), car seats (did I Continue Reading