Are Sports Programs Making Kids Fat?

Sue Wicks' Coca-Cola Foundation FIT event at the Armory in NYC

My friend Julie's son is in an after-school football program that meets three days a week for three hours each practice.  He is 9-years-old.  If my son wants to play on his 7th grade soccer team, he needs to commit to practice three days a week, and devote a fourth day to playing games. My daughter Continue Reading

Striiv: Getting Me Moving

Striiv Home2

Thank goodness for my new super-duper souped up high-tech pedometer-that's-so-much-more Striiv. You see, what with little things like starting up a new website, raising capital for said website, raising twins, writing for my blog, recording with the Blogging Angels,worrying about my neck, I kinda Continue Reading

Fit for All 5K: TODAY!

It’s finally NOT hot and muggy in NYC, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a run?  How about taking a run to help combat childhood obsesity? Obesity among children has become an immense problem, bordering on epidemic. The New York City West Side Y has organized a run to raise Continue Reading

My Big Fat Summer

The day before yesterday I left my parents’ country house and drove into the city where the first thing I did, as usual, was weigh myself.  Way to ruin my day. At least it’s blog fodder, I thought.  I can write about how everyone always talks about how easy it is to lose weight in the summer – but Continue Reading

Review(ish): Sandlot Sluggers

It's time for true confessions: 1. I don't like chocolate.  Perhaps that makes me weird.  I don't care. 2. I recently went to a benefit for a local high school only because Tony Dovolani from Dancing with the Stars was hosting. 3. When I get Wii and DSi games to review....I give them to my kids, Continue Reading

I’m A Swinger (on the Trapeze, that is.)

She flies through the air with a grunt and a wheeze, That middle aged-mom, on the flying trapeze. Yes, that would be me. In this, the middle aged-crisis part deux post. You've already read about my hair and my calamitous (if courageous) pole dancing escapades...but now you get to see me on the Continue Reading