KidzVuz FashionTweenStas Event

Kidz_Vuz 055

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, KidzVuz hosted our fifth event -- but by far our biggest one!  It was FashionTweenStas: Get your Girl On.  100 tween girls (yes, I am insane!) and their moms (less insane) in NYC  for a fashionable, fabulous, and fun day filled with all kind of great stuff for the Continue Reading

Mothers’ Day: Thank God it’s Over


As I write this, Mothers'  Day (Mothers? Mother's? I never know) is, thankfully, almost over. I hate Mothers' Day. It's not that I don't think mothers matter or  that I don't like being given breakfast in bed, or beautiful gifts (Missoni from Loehmann's!), or handmade cards that really mean Continue Reading

Giuliana and Bill: A Not So Guilty Pleasure

My name is Nancy, and I'm a fan of Giuliana and Bill on the Style Network. I'm not a big reality TV fan.  I've never seen an episode of Survivor or Big Brother.  I never watched the Bachelorette (though I did watch the first season of The Bachelor.). I do not know the names of any of the Real Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Hanging 10

A couple of weeks ago when I was at SheStreams in Ft. Lauderdale, my husband took the kids surfing.  Seriously.  Two NY kids surfing.  I love it.  He shot it with my Sony Bloggie HD camera. (Thanks Clever Girls)  So small, yet works so well!  I mean, if he can take video with it, anyone can! (Sorry Continue Reading

Why I’ll Never Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax

In Brazil, this counts as a one-piece

I love Brazil.  On my vacation there years ago, I saw beautiful countryside, sophisticated cities, and rockin’ nightlife. I love Brazilians.  They are warm and loving.  They are awesome plastic surgeons, and they are singlehandedly reviving the NY Real Estate market. Some of my best friends are Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Days


Ok, Ok, so they're pre-teens now.  But lately, I've been nostalgic for the baby days.  Maybe it's seeing all those uber-delicious pics of Momma's Gone City's new wee one.  But whatever. I don't miss the no sleeping, or the endless laundry, or the inability to even pee without an audience.  But I Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Weekday Mornings

Everyday breakfast

This is what my husband does every morning for the kids.  They don't always sit down to this lovely breakfast set-up -- but he does it anyway.  Gotta love that.  That and the fact that he wakes me up every morning by bringing me a cup of coffee in bed!  So when he bugs me, I just think of: weekday Continue Reading