Put some Clothes On!

I am old. Not because of  my saggy knees, or brown spots, or my elbows that look as if they’ve been crumpled up in the back of a drawer for a few decades.  No, I am old because I am horrified by what “young girls” are wearing. (plus, I refer to anyone under thirty as a young girl - I'm old for Continue Reading

You Need a New Bra!

I have big boobs. That's just a fact.  And lest you think I'm bragging about it, let me tell you the truth about big boobs: after you have children, after you nurse children, after gravity takes its toll, after forty, big boobs are saggy boobs.  Perky and 36DD are simply not words you hear together, Continue Reading

My New Favorite Swimsuit Company

I've written quite a bit about Karla Colletto - the fabulously expensive and fabulously flattering swimsuit that actually managed to make me feel less than disgusting on the beach last summer.   But notice that first "fabulously?"  The expense of a KC bathing suit is a bit daunting -- upwards of Continue Reading

Genes vs Jeans

They either make my butt look too big, or too broad. They accentuate my gut or give me muffin top.  They are jeans.  The bane of my existence.  My dream is to be able to look good in a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some flip flops.  But it seems that my genes won't let me look good in my Continue Reading