Genes vs Jeans

They either make my butt look too big, or too broad. They accentuate my gut or give me muffin top.  They are jeans.  The bane of my existence.  My dream is to be able to look good in a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some flip flops.  But it seems that my genes won't let me look good in my Continue Reading

23andYou: what do you think?

So the 23andMe pregnancy community launched today on Good Morning America. And since I'm officially a "founding member" of the community, I was wondering...what do people think of getting tested while pregnant?  Some people are saying too much information isn't always a good thing.  I say, how can Continue Reading

23andMe…and me

This past Sunday in the New York Times Magazine, a guy with a tremendous head of hair wrote about how, in having his genomes sequenced, he found out that genetically speaking, he should be bald. (OK, so Steven Pinker wrote about a lot more than that...but did you see that head of hair!!?) This Continue Reading