Windows Phone Giveaway

While I have LONG been a Windows Phone girl, I am still in possession of only the lowliest Windows Phone - an ancient HTC Model - but what I covet is the HTC Windows Phone 8X.  It’s HTC’s first Windows 8 phone, and it's already been crowned by reviewers as the best one ever. We're giving one away Continue Reading

KidzVuz on WPIX Morning News! (Including me!)

Yesterday morning, Rebecca Levey and I were on the WPIX Morning News with beautiful (and nice - damn her!) anchor Tamsen Fadal, talking about our holiday picks for tweens.  Well, not OUR picks (because really, who cares what us adults think?) but our KidzVuz reviewers picks.  Check us out: We were Continue Reading

Giveaway: Pillow Pet and Pillow Pet DS Game

pillow pets hi res front 8_23

Everybody loves Pillow Pets.  They're pillows, they're stuffed animals.  They are, it seems, universally loved. Personally, I don't get it.  To me, they're neither really stuffed animals, nor quite real pillows.  But hey, that's why I invented KidzVuz, so kids could tell us what they love -- even Continue Reading

Book Giveaway: The Winners

Congrats to Heidi and Rebecca!  You've each won a copy of See Mom Run, with essays by Mom 101, NYC Single Mama, Twinfatuation, Role Mommy, Momma Said, me(!) and many more. Didn't win but still want to read it? Buy it, why dontcha?  Just click on the little book icon just over there on the right, Continue Reading

Book Giveaway: See Mom Run

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two hyphenated last namers got married?  Like, let's say Harrison VonHarrison-Lundquist married Muffy Worcester-Wolfe. (All names are completely fabricated. If anyone out there has either of those names, I'm so many ways.)  Would they name their Continue Reading