Bartendaz. Can you Hang?

I went up to Harlem yesterday and saw something amazing: The Bartendaz.  These guys do things on a pull up bar you've never seen before. The strength is amazing, the camaraderie infectious, the feats: totally unbelievable. The Bartnedaz are a group of the buffest, toughest looking guys you'll ever Continue Reading

Wii Fit Plus Giveaway!

[picapp align="left" wrap="false" link="term=wii+fit&iid=4925476" src="f/4/3/7/E3_Gaming_Conference_7ca5.jpg?adImageId=8132305&imageId=4925476" width="500" height="333" /] Ah, the holiday season.  A chance to spend time with loved ones....eating. A time to go out and celebrate.  And eat. A Continue Reading

Jillian Michaels Giveaway!

I met Jillian Michaels about ten days ago at a publicity event run by my friends at Role Mommy.  She was talking about  her newest Wii Fit game, Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. (coming out Tuesday on Wii and at the end of the month for DSi.) She was funny, charming, and so incredibly Continue Reading

Bloggers for More Birthdays

Together with our millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back against cancer.  This post is part of their Bloggers for More Birthdays campaign.  Click on the Continue Reading

Why I spat: My 23andMe Spitting Experience

Well, the launch is finally here, and now I can divulge my 23andMe secret:  I am a founding member of the 23andMe pregnancy blogging community.  And no, I am not making another, related to the pregnancy part of that announcement.  Those days are gone.  That ship has sailed.  This uterus is CLOSED Continue Reading