Walked In On…

So my daughter "walked in on us" the other day. Funny since (sorry hubby) it's not like statistically speaking, there are a whole lot of chances for that to happen. (so sue me. kids. work. blog. puppy. life. oh, and swine flu. my uber- excuse for everything. )  It happens to every parent, I'm sure. Continue Reading

Book Giveaway: See Mom Run

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two hyphenated last namers got married?  Like, let's say Harrison VonHarrison-Lundquist married Muffy Worcester-Wolfe. (All names are completely fabricated. If anyone out there has either of those names, I'm sorry...in so many ways.)  Would they name their Continue Reading

Ageless Body? Yeah, right.

Long ago, I discovered the secret to buying (passably) flattering bathing suits: the worse you look the more you pay. (Hence, the Karla Coletto bazillion dollar(and worth every penny) bathing suit.)  I then learned the secret to feeling young and attractive: hang out with the septaugenarians.  I've Continue Reading

Wii’s Animal Crossing and Me

Here's what was happening in my professional (if unpaid) life last week:  I was invited to a media preview of the hot new Wii Game, Animal Crossing: City Folk.  At the party,  the game was there, and in the spirit of the game, in which you create and can change your Mii to suit your mood, and live a Continue Reading

Me and Sarah Jessica

With the new Sex and the City movie all anyone is talking about, I couldn't help but wonder: Will anyone still tell me I look like Sarah Jessica Parker? We have the same hair (ish), the same color eyes, the same large-ish nose with a bump, even the same little mole on our chins. Hey, knock six Continue Reading