Book Giveaway: See Mom Run

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two hyphenated last namers got married?  Like, let's say Harrison VonHarrison-Lundquist married Muffy Worcester-Wolfe. (All names are completely fabricated. If anyone out there has either of those names, I'm so many ways.)  Would they name their Continue Reading

Valentine Schmalentine

My High School sold carnations on Valentines Day to raise money.  Girls like Cynthia Gerardi (the most beautiful girl in 10th grade) and Courtney Funston (the blondest and cheerleader-est) got ten, twenty, I don't know, eighty-seven flowers each, either from boys hoping to capture their hearts, or Continue Reading

Me and Sarah Jessica

With the new Sex and the City movie all anyone is talking about, I couldn't help but wonder: Will anyone still tell me I look like Sarah Jessica Parker? We have the same hair (ish), the same color eyes, the same large-ish nose with a bump, even the same little mole on our chins. Hey, knock six Continue Reading

Looking Good at Any Price

Have you ever noticed that the worse your body is, the more you have to spend on a bathing suit? I've been to the Lands End site with all of it's symbols about body type and claims of flattery. And I've always liked the suits. Not too flashy. Not too revealing. But in the end, not too exciting, Continue Reading