Getting Smart about Your Kid’s Smartphone

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Recently, I saw a local news broadcast about “The Hidden Dangers in Your Child’s Cell Phone!!!!!” (Exclamation points, theirs.) The story was about how, when you take a picture from your phone and posts it to a social networking site, the GPS location function of their phone can pinpoint  - for Continue Reading

How did Bedtime Get So Late?

As I write this, it's 10:15, and both of my 10 year olds are still awake.  Oh, they're in bed.  Have been for 45 minutes.  But they're up. Isn't there a law, or something about this sort of thing?  Don't my parental duties - legally speaking - have to end sometime around 9:30? (Barring blood, vomit, Continue Reading

Motherhood Doesn’t End With Babyhood

Not Me. Not my kid. But look! She's a mom!

Not Me. Not my kid. But look! She's a mom! Here's something I've noticed at Mom Blogger events: to most PR companies, "Mom" means "mother of a baby."  At most Mom-Blog events, all of the products are geared towards babies.  It was such a relief at Blissdom this past weekend, to see Unilever there Continue Reading

Is Decluttering the same as Saying Goodbye?

Not too long ago, I went on a cleaning binge.  One of the things I threw out was a poster-sized blow up of a picture of me from my wedding.  My husband had blown up pictures from several different stages of my life to decorate the room in which he threw me a surprise 40th birthday party.  The Continue Reading

My Kids Aren’t Coming Home from Camp. Yet.

So sleepaway camp was supposed to be for four weeks. Four weeks of no tooth brushing, rare showering, mediocre (at best) food, and fun fun fun.   For them. I'm talking about them. For me, those four weeks went almost exactly the way a friend of mine told me they would: week 1 - I was tearing up Continue Reading

Busy Doing Nothing

At the end of every day, I feel like I have done nothing. Oh I've been busy all right. But doing what? So one day last week, I decided to keep track of my day -- how could I have been so busy during all those hours when the kids were at school and have nothing to show for it? Here's how. 6:50 Continue Reading

And the Awards Go to…Me!

Yes, it's true!  I am just that fabulous!  So fabulous that I have been awarded not one but TWO blog awards in the past few weeks. The first is The Sunshine Award and it comes from Dawn at, and I have to admit, this one means a lot.  Why? Let me count the ways: 1. Dawn is Continue Reading