My GlaMOMous Life

True, I'm a Mom.  And true, unless you're Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow there ain't a whole lot that's glamorous about it.  But I do have my GlaMOMous moments. Here are some recent ones. 1. Last Saturday night, hubby and I went out to dinner with (child free) friends.  The time of the Continue Reading

My Dog is Pooping in my House!

Those of you with small children, take heart: one day, you too will be able to go on bike rides with your family. One day, you too, will be able to take your children to a restaurant sometime after 5:30pm. One day, you won't have to supervise playdates, or clean those little sippy cup straws, or Continue Reading

Santa Isn’t Jewish

Happy Everything to Everyone.. Here's my annual Christmas for Jews post!  Enjoy! Santa Claus isn't Jewish. That was my daughter the other day, explaining to her friend why, though she believes in Santa, he isn't coming to our house this, or any other, year. Well, can't say she's wrong, can I? I Continue Reading

Sick as a Dog

I've always wondered where the expression "sick as a dog" came from.  Now I know. Our new puppy, Bentley, has been sick - on and off - more or less since we rescued him.  In the past six weeks, we've been through three rounds of medication for Giardia, which is a  parasite common to puppies, Continue Reading

Mean Mommy Confessions

The whining, the nagging, the rudeness, the backtalk.  Ah, yes.  The joys of parenting. I'm sure that whoever you are, your kids are PERFECT.  But it can't be just me.  Can it? Please tell me it's not just me.  That I am not the only mother being driven crazy by her own kids. Mama, mama, did you Continue Reading

Can I Have Mothers Day Off?

Here's a typical day for me: Wake up. Check mirror. Cringe. But realize there’s no time to shower. I’ve got to get the kids to school no later than 8:25. Since this is NYC, I do not have the option to get in my car in my pajamas, drop off my kids, and drive home before anyone notices me. I have to Continue Reading

Leave Carrie Prejean Alone!

So Carrie Prejean, the controversial Miss California USA (not for long?) once posed for nude photos.  Is anyone out there surprised?  Let’s face it, these days, there are LOTS of girls sending nude photos of themselves out over the internet.  One of them is even being prosecuted for distribution of Continue Reading