Hello, my name is Ashley, and I'll be your server this evening.  This summer, our chef has a season long special: WeinerSpitzle.  WeinerSpitzle is an only in NY combination of hubris, stupidity, perversion, and blatant disregard for the law.  We take a little bit of working class Continue Reading

Violent Videos Win. Kids Lose.

Remember a few years back when Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction gave the youth of America a glimpse of her breast? People went bananas.  "Our kids saw that!" They cried. And the courts fined CBS for broadcasting the flash of flesh. But right now, there are any number of video games that Continue Reading

Pearl Harbor: Do we Really Remember?

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of the terrible attack on US Soil that finally (finally) got the United States to fully engage in World War II, and not too many people seem to care. Of course there are remembrances here and there, and moments of silence on military bases and ships around Continue Reading

Missin’ Ms. Palin

Now that it's all over, now that John McCain has gone back to Mavericking, and Barak Obama has gone on to make history, now that Joe Sixpack only has empties, Joe Biden has the Vice Presidency, and Joe the Plumber has gone back to doing whatever it is an unlicensed plumber does,  I can't help but Continue Reading

Stepford Sarah: Palin Programmed for Debate!

Today, I got this email from my brother: Gee willikers, wasn't Sarah Palin swell last night. Let those East Coast media elites say what they will, but that was one heckuva whizbang show ole Sarah put on. Gosh oh golly she was great. What a nifty VP she'll make, dontcha think? For those of you who Continue Reading