Proud to be a Digital Housewife

Sheryl Sandberg wants us to Lean In. Marissa Meyer wants us to come in (to the office, that is.). New York Magazine wants to reignite the Mommy Wars by re-branding them as being between those who lean out and those who lean in. But the truth is, the distinction between leaning out or in, working Continue Reading

Are Sports Programs Making Kids Fat?

Sue Wicks' Coca-Cola Foundation FIT event at the Armory in NYC

My friend Julie's son is in an after-school football program that meets three days a week for three hours each practice.  He is 9-years-old.  If my son wants to play on his 7th grade soccer team, he needs to commit to practice three days a week, and devote a fourth day to playing games. My daughter Continue Reading

Don’t Let them Call you a Mommy Blogger

Happy Homemaker

This week, Mashable published an infographic called The Rise of the Mommy Blogger. And it was offensive on OH so many levels. And wrong. Just plain wrong. Commissioned by H&R Block for reasons I can't really fathom (maybe they think we're all making the big bucks blogging and they wanted to let Continue Reading


Before I had kids, I used to see other parents and think: "When I'm a parent I'll never (fill in the blank.)" And then I became a parent. It was humbling  just how many of those "fill in the blanks" I did.  Lollipops in the morning (airplane rides.)  TV as babysitter. (I had Swine Flu).  Screaming Continue Reading

Why I’ll Never Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax

In Brazil, this counts as a one-piece

I love Brazil.  On my vacation there years ago, I saw beautiful countryside, sophisticated cities, and rockin’ nightlife. I love Brazilians.  They are warm and loving.  They are awesome plastic surgeons, and they are singlehandedly reviving the NY Real Estate market. Some of my best friends are Continue Reading

Violent Videos Win. Kids Lose.

Remember a few years back when Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction gave the youth of America a glimpse of her breast? People went bananas.  "Our kids saw that!" They cried. And the courts fined CBS for broadcasting the flash of flesh. But right now, there are any number of video games that Continue Reading