Les Miserables: What am I missing?

Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway is fantastic in Les Miserables, the movie that seems poised to be the mega-hit of the holiday season.  Sacha Baron Cohen is a charming rake and looks like he's having a ball. Director Tom Hooper's decision to have the songs sung live was a terrific risk that turned out terrifically.  Continue Reading

An Excellent Week (for me) in NYC Theatre

So many people who live in NY say they do it to be near all of the culture and the arts.  But so many of those same people never venture further than their TV set for entertainment or – ahem – culture. Not me. We have subscriptions to several different theatres:  The Vineyard Theatre, The Continue Reading

Wii Party: It really is one

A few weeks ago I went to a Holiday event sponsored by Nintendo.  Aside from being held in the single most spectacular party space I've ever been in, (632 on Hudson)  the event was terrific because it really did feel like a big party. There was food and drink, decorations, and people spread Continue Reading