Getting Smart about Your Kid’s Smartphone

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Recently, I saw a local news broadcast about “The Hidden Dangers in Your Child’s Cell Phone!!!!!” (Exclamation points, theirs.) The story was about how, when you take a picture from your phone and posts it to a social networking site, the GPS location function of their phone can pinpoint  - for Continue Reading

Real Life Lessons from a Virtual World

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My 12 year old daughter was recently approached inappropriately  by an older man, and I couldn't be happier. Yup, you read that right. Why would that make me happy?  Because she was approached by a virtual man on a virtual dance floor in a virtual world.  Only virtual harm done. Continue Reading

CES: The Best Worst Week

LG door in door French Door Fridge

That's what Ben (The PC Guy) Rudolph (looking skinnier than ever) calls CES, the 150,000 person, 8 football fields big Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas every year. I also heard someone call it The Consumer Exhaustion Show. I agree with both.  Although the "best week" part can be hard to Continue Reading

CES: A Woman Techie’s Survival Guide

Yes, this woman was working the floor last year.

Like a lot of techies, techie wanabees, and social media junkies who just got sucked into it, I'm headed to CES this week. Unlike a lot of techies, I'm dreading it.  But I've developed a few survival skills.  So here they are -   - especially for women. Hope they help. 1. Wear comfortable shoes. I Continue Reading

Striiv: Getting Me Moving

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Thank goodness for my new super-duper souped up high-tech pedometer-that's-so-much-more Striiv. You see, what with little things like starting up a new website, raising capital for said website, raising twins, writing for my blog, recording with the Blogging Angels,worrying about my neck, I kinda Continue Reading

Windows Phone 7.5: I think I love you

Windows Phone 7.5 .  What can I say.  I never thought I would love a phone as much as my dear departed Palm, but I love the Windows Phone, and I love that people are finally realizing the extent of its awesomeness. See, I am Queen of the Tech nobody else uses.  I had a Prodigy account, for God Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: My New “Baby”

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When you get to be my age, having a baby takes on new meaning.  It's either your dog...or your business.  Well, as you can see, it's my business this time. (Got the dog already!) Here it is: KidzVuz version 2.0!  All new and improved!  KidzVuz is a video review sharing site for tweens.  Kids leave Continue Reading