Amelia Island: Orlando Style

I know, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense...unless you know that Kim Orlando, founder of (and my friend) went to Amelia Island Florida for vacation. I've never been to Amelia Island, but it sure doesn't look like the land-of-the-Grandma's that I think of as Florida. Check out Continue Reading

A Psychopath left a Comment on my Blog!

Earlier this week my post about how to behave at a Broadway Show got a lot of attention when the  lovely now-they're-my-best-friends people at Wordpress chose it for Freshly Pressed, their daily pick of the 10 most comment-worthy posts on the nearly 240,000 blogs housed there.  I got a lot of hits Continue Reading

BlogHer10: Pros and Cons

The swag is put away (mostly), the business cards gone through (totally), the laryngitis fading (sorry, hubby, I can talk endlessly again). Yes, it  was my first year at Blogher, and now it's time for a little post mortem.  Just how was it? I went into BlogHer thinking that how I felt about BlogHer Continue Reading

Busy Doing Nothing

At the end of every day, I feel like I have done nothing. Oh I've been busy all right. But doing what? So one day last week, I decided to keep track of my day -- how could I have been so busy during all those hours when the kids were at school and have nothing to show for it? Here's how. 6:50 Continue Reading

My GlaMOMous Life

True, I'm a Mom.  And true, unless you're Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow there ain't a whole lot that's glamorous about it.  But I do have my GlaMOMous moments. Here are some recent ones. 1. Last Saturday night, hubby and I went out to dinner with (child free) friends.  The time of the Continue Reading

23andMe…and me

This past Sunday in the New York Times Magazine, a guy with a tremendous head of hair wrote about how, in having his genomes sequenced, he found out that genetically speaking, he should be bald. (OK, so Steven Pinker wrote about a lot more than that...but did you see that head of hair!!?) This Continue Reading

My First Working Mom Dilemma

A few years ago, when my twins were three or four years old, I left my daughter home with the Nanny while I went to work.  My Wee One (WO) had a cold, so part way through my day, I called to see how she was. Me: Hi baby-girl! How are you? Wee One: I'm fine.  But where are you, Mommy? Me: I'm at Continue Reading

Mom for President!

With the conventions over, and Sarah Palin's nasty speech somehow energizing the right, it's starting to seem as if the Republicans are going to win. Something must be done.   So I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring.  I’m running on the MOM platform.  And it’s not an acronym.  I’m running as Continue Reading

The Party’s Over

Yesterday, I took a job. A real, honest to goodness, I will get a paycheck job. I didn't do this lightly. I had slowed down working a lot about three years ago, then stopped completely one year ago, and I was starting to lose my mind. Full-time mommy-hood was killing me. Too much stress. Too Continue Reading