MoonwalkNYC for Breast Cancer Research

I have a problem with breast cancer campaigns about Loving Boobies.  I think they trivialize a serious disease.  I don’t love all the pink-i-fication of breast cancer — as if it’s not a real killer, just a fun, frilly, glamorous one. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you about Moon Walk NY.  On July 20th, at 10pm, thousands of participants will take part in a power walk weaving their way through Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods and past famous landmarks, to bring awareness to Breast Cancer – no boobie language necessary.  It’s a real commitment, this walk, The full loop is 26.2 miles and there will be a 13.1 mile option, (but you’ll have to choose your route in advance.)  Either way, it’s a chance to walk with women not only doing good, but celebrating the successes of walks past: Since its inception 16 years ago in London, Walk The Walk has raised over $126 million dollars to support breast cancer research!!!  Now, we can’t let those London-ers beat us, can we?  (And lest you think it’s an oh-so-serious event, know this: there’s music, comedians, and more at the start…and a lot of participants walk in their bras!)

MoonWalk NYC’s  goal is to raise $2 million dollars in one night, most of which be granted to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to help support the Breast Examination Center in Harlem, one of the first free screening facilities for breast cancer in the country where 80% of patients are uninsured but guaranteed support and guidance.

Walk the walk.  Moonwalk NYC.  And help bring prevention to thousands of women right here in NYC.  Register by clicking here.

I was offered $75 to post this post – instead, I donated that amount right back to  MoonWalk NYC.


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