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R Baby PSA Ad 300x250I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes being a blogger brings things that are even better than swag:  like the ability to participate in this year’s R Baby Foundation Gala.  Before I say anything more, look at this:
Yes, that’s me, looking all earnest.  But it’s kind of hard not to be earnest about this charity, because what they do, is work to make every emergency department in every hospital equipped to treat babies.  You probably thought they already were.  I did.  But they aren’t.  And how’s this fact? Babies born in the US are twice as likely to die than many other developed countries, including Sweden, Japan and Spain; the United States is ranked 36th among 196 nations.  That is sad. And wrong.

But this is the statistic that really gets me: Children make up 27% of all emergency department (ED) visits, but only 6% of EDs in the U.S. have the necessary supplies for pediatric emergencies.

Six Percent.  That means 94 percent of the time someone takes their baby to the hospital, that hospital is not fully equipped to take care of them. Not equipped to take care of a baby.  Think about that.  Scary.

So that’s why I’m involved with the organization, and with the Gala this coming week honoring my friendand tireless advocate Julia Beck.  I’m joining other bloggers like Esti Berkowitz, Amy Oztan, Jessica Shyba, Melissa Chapman, Linda Grant, Nicole Feliciano, Rebecca Martin, Jennifer Perillo, Rebecca Levey and many more to help raise awareness about the charity…and the babies.

You can help, too.  First,  Sign the petition to improve pediatric care.  Then,

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We’re talking babies here, people.  And as someone who comes from a family where once, long ago, a baby did die, I know the lasting effect it has on a family.  No family should have to deal with the loss of a child because a hospital isn’t prepared.  Don’t just read this and shake your head.  Click the links.  Donate.  Don’t let the babies down. –


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