Krusteaz: Easy #FlatbreadMix GIVEAWAY

I am not much of  a baker.  Sure, I make Banana Bread for the #bakeithappen breast cancer campaign, but really, The Worlds Best Brisket is more my style. Baking is so…well, precise.  And I’m more of a slap it all together kind of girl. So I was happy to get an email from the folks a Krusteaz offering foolproof, flatbread mix — and one great giveaway, too. WP_20140909_002 Enter below and you’ll get what I got:  Krusteaz mixes in : Italian Herb Flatbread (2), Whole Wheat Flatbread (2), Garlic & Onion Flatbread (2), recipe cards along with a Krusteaz apron, a kitchen timer and a handy dandy  pizza cutter.  WP_20140910_002WP_20140910_003 It couldn’t be easier to make — mix together the mix and the included yeast, add water and oil, mix, let rise for a bit, shape, top (or not) and bake. 20141011_124147     You can shape them any way you like.  I made a pizza with a ricotta/pesto, sundried tomato and fresh mozzarella topping: 20141011_132939 I made a flatbread shape with salami and emmental cheese: 20141011_131824And I left the last one plain, cut it into little bread sticks which I’ll use later with one of the many dip recipes (and lots of other ones too) avaialble at 20141011_133321 In the end, though, it all comes down to taste.  And, well, there’s this: krusteaz1 So, yeah, he liked it. Wanna win your own Krusteaz gift pack?  Enter below.  And bake it easy! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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