Peapod Meal Kits to the Rescue

Final product, plated/

Final product, plated/

When holiday cooking gets you down, Meal Kits from Peapod home grocery delivery and Barilla can help. 

I received a gift card to facilitate shopping for this post.

I once saw a headline in the Onion:  Mom Does VRBO in the Caribbean:  Does Same Sh@# with an Ocean View!

That’s a little bit how I feel about the holidays.  Everyone is celebrating, having fun, decorating, eating.  And me?  I’m cooking.  Now, I like to cook, I have a ridiculous collection of cookbooks which I often read like novels.  I clip recipes all the time.  The cooking for a crowd for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, New Years, holiday parties – that I don’t mind.

You get an simple recipe and all the ingredients: pre-measured

You get an simple recipe and all the ingredients: pre-measured

But when it comes to the everyday meals – amazingly, my family still wants to be fed.  And after all that holiday preparing, I just don’t have the energy to figure out what to make, buy the ingredients, and get it all together.

Enter Peapod and Barilla to save the day.

I’ve written before about how Peapod brought suburban shopping to my city life. Now, they’re adding a new service: meal kits in a click. To roll this out, Peapod worked with Barilla, to bring you easy to make recipes with pre-measured ingredients, simple to follow recipes, and makes making a home-cooked family meal a breeze.  In other words:  exactly what you need during the busy holiday season…or, let’s face it, any season.

Recently, I tried two of their latest: farfalle with goat cheese and butternut squash, and parmesan crusted chicken over thin spaghetti.

Sauteed chicken, ready to plate.

Sauteed chicken, ready to plate.

Easy.  Excellent.  Pretty much goof free, and most importantly: quick.  And did I mention easy?

I made the farfalle recipe with no changes.  Having tried it at the luncheon Peapod hosted to introduce the new service, I knew I liked it just the way it was.  It really was delicious.

When I made the chicken recipe, I opted for steamed spinach, instead of the pasta – otherwise, I made it as is.  Now I’ve made parmesan crusted chicken before.  This time, the ratio of cheese to bread crumbs was very different than I’m used to – and way better.  Which points out another benefit to the service:  you might learn a thing or two.











Bottom line:  when you’re overwhelmed with holiday cooking, make everyday m

eals a whole lot easier with Peapod Meal Kits and Barilla


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    Happy New year Steph! Loved reading your recipes in 2015 and can’t wait for more in 2016! My favorite is the cheddar cheese broccoli tots- combines two of my favorite foods in an amazing way. Just a suggestion- would love to see more vegetarian and vegan recipes from you.

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