The Perfect Bacon Bowl

Yum.  Anything in The Perfect Bacon Bowl tastes better.

Yum. Anything in The Perfect Bacon Bowl tastes better.

Like the bad Jew that I am, I LOVE bacon.  I can’t help it.  It has all the things I crave: fat, salt, crunch. Yum.

So I was super excited to be invited to the Perfect Bacon Bowl Breakfast at the super fun Ellen’s StarDust Diner only a few train stops away. (full disclosure: while there, I ate a lot of free bacon, and I left with a free sample of the product).

We ate bacon bowls filled with eggs (awesome for me – -I’m on the Atkins diet (don’t ask!), bacon filled with crab meat salad, and I watched friends like Gay NYC Dad and The Can Can eat Perfect Bacon Bowls filled with slated caramel ice cream. Sounds awesome, looks awesome, tasted awesome.

BUT – (you knew there had to be a but, didn’t you?)  in addition to being a bad Jew, I am also a cynic.  So I figured that the perfect looking Bacon Bowls at the event would not be so perfect when I tried it at home.  Which, it being Shabbat the next day, I did.

I carefully followed the directions, wiped the Perfect Bacon Bowl Maker with a paper towel coated with Pam, cut one piece of bacon in half and crossed them over the base of the device to make the bowl’s bottom, then wrapped two other pieces around it to form the sides. I did have a little trouble deciding which was the fat side, since the instructions say “fat side up.” Aren’t both sides of the bacon the Fat Side?   Then I put them in the microwave (one at a time as per the instructions) and…

It worked!  Maybe my bowls were a bit shrunken, and maybe they weren’t quite as lovely as the ones at the event..but I’m pretty happy with them. And the way my family chowed down on ’em…they were too.

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