Fit for All 5K: TODAY!

It’s finally NOT hot and muggy in NYC, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a run?  How about taking a run to help combat childhood obsesity?

Obesity among children has become an immense problem, bordering on epidemic. The New York City West Side Y has organized a run to raise funds for  education and fitness programs.  In keeping with the Y’s mission to educate and promote health in the city, these initiatives will be available to families — especially in low-income areas -  where obesity and lack of exercise is more prevalent.

The Fit for All 5K, will take  place on Saturday, October 1, 2011 – TODAY! -  at Riverside Park, and will encourage children and adults, through their participation in a fun walk/run, to raise funds and awareness for the growing obesity epidemic. Registration will begin at 8:00 am and the 5K race will begin at 9:00 am. The kids’ race (free of charge to kids) will begin at 11:00 am. Prizes and participation awards will be given out after the last race.
Currently, we have a bid from an anonymous donor that will donate $20 per child/teen that finishes the kid’s race.

Too busy to run?  Click here to find and more or donate.:


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    This is such an important cause to support – as this young generation may be the first NOT to outlive their parents because of obesity and its co-morbidities. Good for you for supporting it, Nancy!

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