It’s the First Day of School and boy, are my feet tired

So it’s the first day of school. And here’s what I’ve learned already:

1. I clearly, really, and truly, must have sat on my ass all summer.

How do I know this? Well, this morning, after cabbing it to school for a meet your new-student buddy breakfast at 7:30 (never mind that our new student buddy didn’t show up until 8:00), I walked home.  1.5 miles.

Then, I grabbed the dog and walked  1.5 miles round trip to run an errand.

Then, I walked back to school to pick up the kids, realized I didn’t have enough time, and took a bus for the last leg of the trip.  1 mile.

Then I walked back home with my son and his friend, feeling tortured as they discussed, in rousing detail, the height of every single child in the fifth grade.  1.5 miles

And in a few minutes, I’ll grab the dog again and walk to pick up my daughter from her playdate 1 mile.

And I’ll take a cab home. Cause by then, I’ll have walked 6 miles. Six!

See, contrary to popular belief, people in NY get a lot of exercise and (somewhat) fresh air. We walk.  A lot. And normally, this amount of walking would just be a part of my day.  A part that I wouldn’t even include as exercise.

Only today, it feels like exercise.  Today, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, and I’m tired.

Which can only mean one thing: I clearly, really, and truly sat on my ass all summer.

And said ass is paying for it now.

It’s only the first day of school and already I’ve learned a lesson: if you sit on your ass eating pie and ice cream all summer, and then try to resume your normal life when you return, your body will not be happy.

Maybe the only thing to do to make me happy is to have some pie and ice cream while sitting on my ass.

Or maybe not.


  1. says

    I read this after I spent a few minutes in front of the mirror checking out my thighs. Or I should say smaller thighs. I guess all the walking -and swimming- I did over the summer did something positive after all.
    Don’t worry. You’ll be back in the flow of your normal routine in a few days…
    just gonna go have some pie a la mode now.:)

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