My Dog is Making me Fat

JM Fitness 2010 Wii 07So the good people at Role Mommy (thanks, Beth) sent me my very own copy of Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2010– the brand-spanking new game for my (also gratis – thanks Nintendo) Wii Fit, for free.

The first few days after it arrived, I told myself the weather was still good, and I should exercise outdoors.  So I didn’t open it.  The next several days, it rained non-stop, and I figured that exercising indoors would just remind me of how awful it was outdoors.  So I didn’t open it.  For a few days after that, I was either very busy, feeling a little under the weather, or just sitting quietly, thinking up excuses for not exercising. It’s been about two weeks since it’s been here, unopened on my desk.

So today, I decided to open it and get started.  I’ve written about this before, but this Wii game (which does not necessitate having a Wii Fit — though it helps) is a brand new, hot of the presses, updated version of Jillian’s Fitness Ultimatum 2009.  This time, Jillian is on the beach, in the jungle, on top of a mountain.  She offers lots of (canned) music choices.  And she yells at you if you mess you.  No kidding.

Recently, the scale in my bathroom has inexplicably showed lower numbers.  Yet I’m flabbier than ever.  So I think it’s the “lose muscle mass/lose weight”  routine, which inevitably leads to the “have lost muscle mass/gain weight” equation.  Jillian, I need you.

So I broke out the game, spent 15 minutes figuring out how to work the Wii with our new hi-tech system (simpler is better, believe me), and pressed A to start.

That’s when Bentley, our new puppy, freaked out.  He has not yet barked in the house (this is day 5 of him being with us, by the way), but something about Jillian sent him into a frenzy.  He dove under the coach, barking like mad, and stayed there.  When I tried to do the moves Jillian was demonstrating (or her avatar was, anyway) Bentley just barked harder.

At first, I figured that Bentley had just never seen tv before, and he was scared.  So I turned off the Wii and (after another endless session of figuring out how the home theatre system works,) turned on the TV. And what did Bentley do then?


He sat and watched Frasier.  He sat and watched CNN.  He didn’t bark at anyone.  So I put Jillian back on. Barking?  You bet.

So I can’t exercise.  No matter that it’s 65 and sunny outside. I wanted to do Jillian’s indoor workout today, and since Bentley won’t let me, I’ll just have go to eat something instead!

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