The Post I Would Have Written If I Had the Time

I don’t really have time to post today:
Sick dog (for a change)
Stinky Dog (just bathed him. fun fun fun)
Daughter needs socks brought to her at school on the other side of town. (don’t ask)
Dryer broken
Going back to Yoga (finally…I hope)
No food in house. (though I did get Fresh Direct yesterday…so I don’t really get it) Must go shopping.
Actual (paid) work assignment to complete. (shocking, I know.)
Much incredibly smelly laundry (sick dog is pooping inside again. Fun fun fun.)

You’re all jealous now, right? Because I have such a wonderful life.

And now, as a complete non-sequitor, the Today Show is in the background, and they just announced that marriage makes you fat. Yay! Single women gain 11 lbs over ten years. Married women gain double that. But God bless Piers Morgan…he just announced that he thinks that’s great. He wants his model-thin girlfriend to bulk-up. I think I’m in love.

ANYHOO- here’s the post I would have written if I had had the time. It pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today. And while you read it, imagine me doing lunges. That’s what I did. (Imagined me doing them. I didn’t actually do them. Puh-lease. Did you see that list of things I’ve got to do?)

Click and read. Click and Read.


  1. auroranae says

    Hey Babe– I didn’t think you were stealing it… for long!
    And Your Welcome on those lunges… I almost did some more today… but I figured, don’t want to pull something or strain another thing… gotta EASE into this getting healthy Sh-.., er, Stuff!

    And get that list whittled down… hint: the delete key does an excellent job at this– and I won’t tell!

    Have a good one!

    ~dawn @

    • says

      Just thought I’d let you all know how much better my day got — I ended up having to carry my dog’s poop TEN (stinky) blocks to deliver it to the vet. And this after cleaning up TWO MORE disgusting poops (in about a 10 minute period) in the house.
      Hellooooo, me. Why didn’t I just choose to go to the vet around the corner? Oy.

  2. says

    I didn’t really have time to read this either, but your title reminded me of one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes so naturally I gave in…

    whats the quote?

    The difference between a good writer and a great writer is that a good writer may lead an exciting life but can’t really write about it.

    Whereas…A great writer, a more mundane life that challenges his (or her’s) imagination and creativity.

    Take the time…

  3. says

    Hey there! Totally new here…. first time, in fact. Apparently my friend over at found you and insisted we all stop by. Glad I did because you had me giggling the whole time!

    Come by for a visit if you ever get a chance.

    Justine 😮 )

  4. Lottie says

    Oh Dear…really hope your days gets better,

    Just popping by from ermmm my blog is lost in space right now and hoping to have my new wordpress one up and running real soon but as yet its in the blogspehere somewhere…

    but found you on thatgirlblogs….

    have a great day xx

  5. says

    Nancy- I LOVE ThatGirl Blogs… my morning blog reading list is starting to fill an entire page… but I can’t resist reading about other People’s dysfunctional families… mine is so… MINE!
    Sorry to hear you picked the far away vet… hope the dog gets better… for your sake as much as for his!

    Dawn from

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