Wii Fit Plus Giveaway!

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Ah, the holiday season.  A chance to spend time with loved ones….eating.

A time to go out and celebrate.  And eat.

A time to have more excuses to stuff your face than any other time of the year.  (With the possible exception of birthdays.  After forty, the only way through a birthday is with spoon in one hand, ice cream in the other.)

This holiday season, however, I am offering you an out: A free copy of Wii Fit Plus.

In my never ending quest to be – if not thin – then at least thinner than I have been most of my adult life, I have tried it all.  Starting back in High School when I went on The Woman Doctor’s Diet for  Teenaged Girls (which involved eating nothing but oranges and hamburgers for a week. Really) to the low-fat hi-carb/lo-carb-high fat crazes, to relatively sane diets like  Weight Watchers, or simply shutting my mouth every once in a while. (I’m writing a book about that one, it’s going to be called: The Get up off your Lazy Ass and Stop Stuffing your Face Diet.)

But the bottom line for me, a woman who has weighed more or less the same (within 5 pounds – other than pregnancy) for more than twenty-five years, is that I need to exercise to change my body. (or get Swine Flu. Neither a very tempting option.)

I have more excuses for NOT going to the gym than reasons to go there.  I don’t have time.  I have a headache.  I have to cook dinner/go shopping/write a post/pull out my toenails with a tweezer.  Basically, ANYTHING but exercise.  But then this new crop of exercise games for the Wii showed up.  The Wii Fit basically ruined any chance I had of ever having a believable, justifiable excuse not to exercise.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it (like, say, those of you who never read, watch tv, listen to the radio, or are anywhere within 100 feet of a child) the Wii Fit was Nintendo’s genius idea to make the already pretty good for exercising Wii into a true exercise machine.  The Wii Fit tracks your exercise success by letting you set weight loss and BMI goals, and then letting you know who you’re doing.  You get an avatar trainer. and then follow along with the Mii’s as you do a series of balance, strenght, or aerobic exercises.  It’s fun, and it works. (Not that it’s the greatest workout ever, but it sure beats sitting at home and typing on a computer, which is what I’m doing right now. Yeah.)

The Wii Fit Plus, the latest incarnation of their already enormously successful game, takes it all one step farther.  Now you get to choose your workout, personalize it, set how much time you want to spend, pick a pre-set routine, or make up your own.  There’s a locker room, and more choices, more ways to personalize.

I’d do it more myself, but I have to cook dinner/go shopping/write a post/give away my copy. (full disclosure: it’s one of two free copies that Nintendo sent me.  One for review, one to give away.  And I’m giving it.)

So, do you want to get in shape without having to leave your home?  Or, if it doesn’t really get you in shape, do you want to at least not turn into a total slug in this, the how much can you eat in one six week period holiday season?

Leave a comment below, telling me what holiday indulgence is your worst, and I’ll enter you to win a brand-spanking new copy of Wii Fit Plus. (please note: you need to own a Wii Fit Balance Board to use this game.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Winner will be chosen by random.org on Sunday, December 13th at 9pm. Contest open to US residents 18 and older.

Want more chances to win?  Link back to this post on your own website, and I’ll enter you again every time someone links over. Tweet this contest, and include the hashtag #hip2housewife giveaway, and I’ll enter you yet again.

Hey, everyone could use a little flab insurance over the holidays.  Why not you?


  1. says

    Holiday indulgence is the worst because: We make goody bags for friends, teachers and coworkers: Must sample

    People bring goodies to work: Must sample.


  2. ginacarruba says

    My worst holiday indulgence is and will always be … my Mom’s homemade pecan pie covered in whipped cream! I can taste it just thinking about it! 🙂

    My family and I have had a weight loss contest going for about 6 weeks – we took a break until the 1st of next year, so that is my 2nd worst holiday indulgence!

    Please enter me in your contest! I have been looking at the Wii Fits, wanting one for a few weeks now!

    I am also going to link to you and hope tons of people click the link 🙂


  3. Jill L says

    I have been so horrible. The cookies that I make for the kids are so hard to resist. Totally my downfall.

  4. Kathy Luman says

    My worst problem is that my husband is away at Afghanistan and I’ll I do when I’m at home is sit in front of the computer and eat. Depression has set in. For some they stop eating for me I continously eat. I know I need to get up off my butt and do something but there is no motivation or drive to get me going. Maybe this would be the answer.

  5. says

    Worst holiday indulgence? Peppermint Jo Jos from Trader Joes. Really, could oreos get any better? And, maybe listening to way more Christmas music than a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn really should. (but does it count if all the songs were written by Jews?)
    By the way, love the name change on the blog!

  6. Teresa says

    My worst holiday indulgence is fudge it is so addicting I can’t stop eating it

    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  7. Becky says

    Mine is fudge. I am trying so hard not to make any this year. haha. I hope I make can make it through with out doing it.

  8. says

    The Christmas cookie DOUGH as I make cookies for friends, family, teachers, coworkers, etc. Of course, then there are the actual cookies that I am duty bound to sample.


  9. Amber Humphries says

    My holiday indulgence is anything with sugar. There are just too many yummie cookies, candies, and pies to choose just one from = )

  10. Sue E says

    My worst indulgence, hmm, can I just say everything? Seriously at the holidays I eat way too much, but probably cheesecake and candied yams is the biggest problem for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Sue says

    Caramel popcorn. I make it for my neighbors every year and I think eat more myself than actually leaves my house. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Daniel M says

    anything chocolate – cake brownies cookies – they’re my bane, and i need this to get some winter exercise until it warms up outside!

  13. Julie Rose says

    Mint bark…..Hershey’s is now making kisses that are essentially kiss-shaped blobs of mint bark and they are heaven. I could eat 20 without thinking. i’d love to win the Wii Fit for my kids’ sitter who has recently lost 13 lbs and has 62 to go! She needs the indoor exercise to keep her going.

  14. Tesa S. says

    For the holidays it is traditional for me to cook all the sweets my grandmother used to, i.e., pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, pralines, fudge and fruitcake loaf. Therein lies the problem, cooking them and not at least tasting them makes a terrible chef! I also love making cut-out sugar cookies with the kids and decorating with icing.

  15. Joy F says

    Christmas cookies is my indulgence. I can’t get enough. I always have way to much. This would help burn some off. Thanks.

  16. Theresa says

    I’m a sucker for seasonal flavors like Eggnog Lattes and Candy Cane Ice Cream, it’s out of control!

  17. Annette D says

    I have the same problem every year! All of my friends are such good cooks and are generous with their wonderful baked goods. My downfall is anything chocolate, especially fudge.

  18. Renee H. says

    My worst holiday indulgence is all the yummy desserts at Christmas parties! Yum, but bad at the same time.

  19. amy says

    Over indulgence in friends holiday get togethers is always my thing – hor d’ovoures (spelling) and such. But…we’re in a new state at a new base and in a motel with no kitchen while we look for a place to live…so my holiday overindulgence will likely be at the buffet we go to for Christmas.

  20. Erica C. says

    Cookies are my biggest problem! Everyone gives me cookies…I love them, but wooooo, I need some extra exercise to keep them off my stomach!

  21. Christie says

    We always make huge piles of homemade Christmas cookies and I cannot keep my hands off them. It is an addiction.

  22. Candie L says

    Our holiday splurge is our babies. I will go in with a budget and we always find something to put us over. Thank you

  23. Amy B says

    my worst Holiday treat is the pies. I can really go without eating many cookies (maybe 2) BUT pie is my weakness. Pecan, pumpkin, or apple it just doesn’t matter. I also don’t make different treats all that much but sometimes I eat homemade buckeyes that I make about every 3 years.

  24. Kelly says

    Christmas drinks from Starbucks, namely gingerbread lattes and eggnog lattes. Oh, sure, I’ll ask for them to be made with skim milk, but then I demand whipped cream on top.

  25. Brandon Ralston says

    My worst holiday indulgence is egg nog. I drink way too much of it! Enter me please. Thanks.

  26. thesweepstaker says

    My biggest holiday indulgence is sweets. I avoid them every other time of the year, but during the Winter I can’t seem to. I crave them too much.

  27. Melissa H. says

    My worst holiday indulgence are the cheesy potato casseroles my sister insists on bringing to our family parties. They are cheesy & full of butter & sour cream !

  28. Aniela says

    My worst is usually chocolate chips since we have so many around for all the baking that’s going on, I can’t help myself to handfuls constantly.

  29. Walter ARnett says

    One indulgence I partake in is eating. It is hard not to eat a lot when you are around my family. One indulgence I am also taking part in is spending probably too much money at christmas.

  30. Ida Mousaw says

    I have a family of seven,so I have to have a little of everything sweet.(hard to resist).Thank you for having a contest and Happy Holidays!

  31. says

    My worst indulgence is peanut butter balls and peanut butter fudge. I am a sucker for the sweets. I am however using the wii to ditch my weight and this would be great to add to my workout routine.

  32. Aisling says

    Cookies and fudge. I’m baking and everyone I know is baking and we taste while we’re making the goodies and then we give them to each other. I love the holidays but I’d love even more to have a Wii Fit Plus after they’re over.

  33. Sheila Hickmon says

    My grandma had a recipe for Million Dollar Fudge, and every year without fail my mom makes it. I LOVE the stuff, it’s horrible I eat most of what is sent to my house!

  34. Kimberly says

    My worst holiday indulgence is for my dad’s peppermint bark candy. It is so addictive and the small pieces are easy to keep eating. By the time we eat dinner, half of the giant bowl is gone.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  35. Sherri B. says

    My mom makes every candy known to man at Christmas and isn’t happy unless you try at least one of each!!!! Then you have to take some home!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  36. Amanda Galloway says

    My worst holiday indulgence is all of the Christmas cookies that are around. I just can’t resist them.


  37. Heather B says

    my grandfathers sweet and sour meatballs… oh and those cookies…. the fudge….. the candy…. you get the idea!

  38. Acacia G. says

    My worst holiday indulgences are: homemade fudge, tons of cookies, and chocolate-covered cherries.

  39. Jenny Gibbons says

    My horrible Holiday indulgence is hard sauce. Confectioner’s sugar, creamed into pure butter, with just a spoonful of vanilla to flavor it. Sugar + fat… the perfect combination to go straight to your waistline…

  40. Sharon H says

    I work at a grocery store that imports a lot of chocolate from Austria and Germany. I can’t help trying them all.

  41. Jill Myrick says

    I actually have three holiday indulgences:
    Sugar Cookies
    Seven layer bars
    Exercising during the holidays here are a must.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  42. Victoria says

    Cookies are the worst. My mom makes these to-die-for cookies and I just have to eat a couple, and a couple turns into way too many more, especially when she sends some home with me. So please pick me!!

  43. Ashley L. says

    Chocolate is definitely the holiday indulgence for me! I have a bunch of Hershey’s Kisses I keep going & snacking on 😛

  44. Chan says

    Cookies, cakes and candy should be banned during the holidays! Once I start, I just can’t stop! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Brenda Park says

    My worst holiday indulgence would be my homemade shortbread cookies….a lot of butter in the recipe. I even tried freezing them until I need them, which worked for awhile….until I discovered they taste great frozen!! Argh! Thanks for the chance to win Wii Fit, I’ve been thinking about buying it.

  46. Amanda says

    Fudge, cookies, pies, cakes, you name it I’m going to eat it this holiday season. I’m not passing up my Mom’s homemade candy, cookies and pies…I’m just not! 😉

    Thank you!

  47. Vicki Andrew says

    Hanakkah, all those fried foods, jelly donuts. So yummy and so bad for you and there is 8 days and nights of it

  48. Roger Whitaker says

    I would have to say my worst indulgence is the holiday hams and turkeys. I always gain 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.

  49. oneangel says

    OK the worst is -CHRISTMAS COOKIES -that and a friend sends me TEN pounds of Amish Swiss Cheese every year as a gift 🙁 —I REALLY don’t need either of them –

  50. Tricia Andrews says

    Why oh why can’t I stay away from the Christmas cookies? I seem to think they are a breakfast food around the holidays. And snacks. And sometimes part of my lunch and dinner…..

  51. Robin says

    My worst is Christmas cookies which we have dozens of each Christmas folled by a close second by choculate

  52. Wendy says

    Please nobody laugh here….but my worst indulgence is cookie dough. I start of the holiday with intent of making dozens of cookies.

    Then somthing just happens and takes over me. I start eating that darn dough and I can’t stop. By the time I’m done, we probaly have half the amount of baked cookies I had intended to make. And let me tell ya, my behind shows off my secret desire.

    Please help me shed my cookie dough butt! I need a Wii!

  53. Paula Harmon says

    Grinch Balls…well, they are cornflake, marshmallow and butter treats (like a rice krispie treat), colored green and shaped into bars or balls. I make them for everyone and I can’t stop eating them this time of year.

  54. Elaine says

    Sweets, esp. chocolate cover pretzels. I would love to win this. I just had my hip replaced and the cold outside along with the weather, it’s painful. I’ve been told I should exercise more and this is a wonderful way to do it indoors. Thanks for the chance!

  55. amy says

    Mine worst holiday indulgence is cheese ball. As funny as it sounds, I am addicted! I will seriously steal the cheese ball from our holiday gatherings and eat the darn thing by myself (and they are not little cheese balls). 🙂

  56. Sydney says

    Holiday indulgences – the worst must be cookies because I love to bake. This year (so far) has been more under control. Parties, holiday cocktails, cheese spreads, special cakes, breakfast rolls, OMG the list goes on! It is a great time of year to spread good cheer and a few extra pounds. I would absolutely love a WII Fit Plus!

  57. Gayle Morgan says

    I eat way too many sweets – this would really help since I just had foot surgery a few days ago

  58. addrienne mertens says

    chocolate…must stay away! summer sausage would be my all time fav for the hollidays. with the spicey hot mustard…geez i need some!!!

  59. Kim says

    OMG! I need this Wii Fit

    I know all about excuse after excuse and even after not being able to fit in those jeans, I still have an excuse. The Wii is very special so, all thats missing is the Wii fit plus.

    We have birthday after birthday in November and December so I indulge alot during the holidays. My favorite around this time would be turkey & dressing. Any excuse to go to Libby’s or a Diner that caters around this nice meal. I love to eat! Just need to balance it with exercise so I don’t gain another pound in 2010! I want that Wii Fit Plus!

  60. Trisha says

    sweets. its my downfall. i make them for all the neighbors and sample them all! fudge. cookies. brownies. ugh!

    THANKS. we have the balance board!

  61. says

    I always fall into the new years resolution mode…. I can eat this because I’ll change in the new year, lose weight in the new year, not eat that in the new year blah de blah de blah… yeah it never works, Soon I’ll be carrying around enough weight to be pregnant 3 times over.

  62. aj lapp says

    “we elves believe in the 4 major food groups – candy, candy corns, candy canes and syrup.”

    the movie elf sums me up…

  63. Kristy C says

    My biggest problem during the holidays is all of the cookies and candy I make. It’s very easy to sneak quite a few while I’m baking! This would definitely come in handy. Thanks for the contest!

  64. Betty Curran says

    I don’t know which is worse – sampling the Christmas cookies, potlucks at work, fast food on the run while shopping or all the party invitations. Seriously dangerous to a trim figure.

  65. Tara W says

    My worst is a tossup between the pecan divinity and the butter pecan meltaway cookies. I simply don’t have the willpower to resist.

  66. R Hicks says

    My worst holiday indulgence is oversampling the vast array of desserts at our family dinners. Everyone always insists to try this, try that and those calories add up very fast

  67. Gary Ray says

    Ouch. Too many desserts (My husband says it isn’t Christmas without fudge, son “needs” Christmas cookies, daughter “has to” make a gingerbread house, and my childhood memories call for fruitcake.) On top of that, I belong to a small gym (which I love) that closes over the holidays. Ouch again!

  68. says

    This is by far the most challenging part of my year (as far as weight-management is concerned).

    I do a lot of baking, and have to sample the goods, and I can’t resist all of the goodies at holiday parties!

  69. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says

    Everything is tempting, but when I start making homemade cookies (for others, yeah that’s it) I just can’t resist. We just got the Wii and love it, and I’ve been looking at the fit

  70. Sadie says

    I make chocolate cookies for my kids…and I end up eating all of them :/

    Thanks for the chance!!!