An Easy Way for Your Kids to Give Back

The holidays seem to be all about getting.  Especially for kids.  Hasbro and generationOn are making it possible for kids to give instead of get – and bring positive change to their communities.  Plus – it’s super, super easy, all they have to do it join generationOn at

For every service pledge made between December 3 and December 10, 2010, Hasbro will give a toy to a child in need through the Toys for Tots Holiday Gift Campaign (up to 100,000 total toys).

generationOn tells kid: We can change the world.  We are the service generation.   They provide simple ways for  even the youngest kids to help out in their communities: donating used backpacks, making artwork for a senior center, composting and more.  There’s a list of 65 Ways to Make a Difference on the website, all of them completely do-able. Plus, they offer teachers 1400 lessons on giving that they can bring into their classrooms through their Learning to Give division.

Here’s what gnerationOn says about itself:

generationOn is the newly-created youth service division of the Points of Light Institute and the largest youth volunteer action organization in the nation.  generationOn brings the leading youth service organizations and programs under one umbrella and includes more than 30 programs, 1,800 Kids Care Clubs and thousands of schools that engage more than two million young people in all 50 states and internationally.

The first way your kid can help make a diffrerence? So simple: your kids join generationOn, make a pledge to help out in their communities, and they’ll already have helped – courtesy of Hasbro. And hopefully, once they’re on the site, they’ll get curious, look around, and find a way to make good on that pledge.

This year, make sure you child knows it feels just as good to give as to get — maybe better.

The program ends tomorrow – so hurry!

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