First Day of First Grade: Wordless Wednesday Flashback

First Day of First Grade - So Looong Ago

With Middle School started, and the eye rolling at everything I say begun, it’s nice to remember, there were once Strawberry Shortcake backpacks to pack, and Incredible Hulk bags that lit up when you pressed them. It’s nice to remember when they held my hand walking to school.

Guess I’ll have to wait for the grandchildren…only 20 years or so to go!


  1. says

    Oh, and here I was so excited to see my 3 youngest going off to 8th, 9th, and 10th grades this year…

    and then I saw your post and realized that in 5 years all my babies will be out of high school and off at college…

    and then I realized than then I may finally get to sleep in or plan a Fall Weekend getaway with my over-worked but much loved husband…

    Ahhhh…. only 5 years to go but ohhhh, only 5 years to go!

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