How do you Get to Carnegie Hall?: Audition!

Before there was Glee, there was me.  I was Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins when I was 11.  I was Sharon in Finninan’s Rainbow when I was 12.  I was Eliza in My Fair Lady…well, you get the picture. I wasn’t just  a High School Drama geek, it was a lifelong pursuit, capped off with a triumphant year earning a living as…wait for it…a Bar Mitzvah Band singer.  Ah yes.  We all have our past humiliations.  At least I sang at Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings in Paris.  Slightly less geeky.  Right?

These days, I don’t even sing in the shower – (though I can be persuaded to sing a lullaby now and then), but my performer instinct is still strong, which is why, when I heard about what’s going on at Camp Broadway, I wished I were a teenager again. (Minus, of course, the acne, the crushing insecurity, and the really big shoulder-pads and high hair that defined style in my 1980’s teenaged years.)

So what’s going on at Camp Broadway?  They’re hosting auditions for kids  aged 12-16 to sing at – you guessed it – Carnegie Hall.  It’s a special program being played by the New York Pops, so not only would your kid get to sing at Carnegie Hall, but they’d get to do it with one of the premier pop orchestras in the country.

Pretty awesome.  Here are the details: (and you should know, there is a fee)

Who: Camp Broadway®

What: seeks seeking 60 talented singer/performers, ages 12-16, to participate in a special appearance with The New York Pops at Carnegie Hall on Monday, May 2, 2011

What will you do?  3-days of music, movement and orchestra rehearsals under the direction of Tony Parise, Camp Broadway Artistic Director. The package also includes master classes and presentation coaching with special guests; healthy meals and snacks; commemorative merchandise and other surprises.

How:  Visit , then fill out and return the application by April 15th along with a photo and 200-word bio of the performer.


For more information, email Camp Broadway at or call 212-575-2929.

Hey, do you think, maybe, if I put on some big shoulder pads and teased my hair they’d believe I was still a teenager? 

Yeah.  I don’t think so either.


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