My Dog Has Gone Punk Rock on Me

So I made this really really good meatball dish for dinner. Not that labor intensive (despite the long ingredient list). Needless to say – the hubby forgot to tell me he had a business dinner, my son took one look at it and said he didn’t like it, and my daughter and I were left with two dozen meatballs.

Thank goodness there’s room in the freezer.

My dog, however, loved the meatballs, and, while I got the kids started on their homework, he wasted no time licking the plates I had put in the dishwasher. Did I mention the meatballs had a lot of turmeric in them?

Now, my dog has a yellow face. Truly yellow. Bright, looks like I dyed his hair like the people in this New York Times article yellow.

The picture doesn’t really do the color change justice.  But trust me: it looks like I he’s in the middle of his adolescent rebellion.

I’m just hoping that next time, he doesn’t come home with a tattoo.

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