My Stressed Teens

Being a teen is stressful.  There’s all that homework.  All that uncertainty about your social status.  At least  teens are sure of one thing: their parents know NOTHING, nothing at all.

Well,  CNN came to my apartment to talk to my family about stress.  I guess because, well, we’re stressed.  Between running a company and running a household, I’m pretty much a lunatic, and my kids have basketball, and dance, and NYC High School test prep and homework, and my husband – the job, aging parents, riding the subway every day, a dog who seems to throw up at least once a month…and always on the white carpet. We’re like the poster family for stress.

But when reporter Kelly Wallace started talking to my kids, and the cameras started to roll, they didn’t seem stressed at all.  My son and daughter were poised, and articulate, and lovely.  Maybe the cameras should be rolling around here more often.  Check them out, on CNN Parents. Teens: Generation Stressed


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    That was great! (Although some of their edits were a little odd.) I’ve had to talk to Jake about this lately. He gets up before anyone else in the house six days a week, and some days he’s not home until almost 9pm. And he keeps adding more things. I don’t want to deny him his interests, but I don’t want him to crash and burn either. My only solution (besides making him quit something) is to just let him do whatever he wants in his downtime.

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      I can only speak for the way I grew up, but yes. Definitely more stressful now. “After school” for me was coming home, letting myself in, getting a snack, watching TV, and eventually doing my homework. There was an occasional swim meet or play practice after school, but I was still home by 5. My kids are running themselves ragged and seem to be loving it. I don’t know how they do it.

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    My teens now find me not only embarrassing but incredibly stupid. I don’t text with both my thumbs, so in frustration, they grab the phone from me and say, “Here, let me do it.” jeez.

    Must feel great to know better then your mom. I’m just saying. lol

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