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Bazooka Sweet Tweets NotesIf you read my blog, you know that I am no longer allowed to write about my kids. But it’s not just my writing they have a problem with.  They have, at eleven, reached the age where just about anything I say or write – or do – is embarrassing to them.  (Including, I’m sure, the opening sentences of this post.)

Not too long ago, my kids were disappointed if I didn’t put little notes in their lunchboxes.  “Mommy Loves You” they’d read. “I miss you today!”

If I left those notes today, I think my kids would either die – or kill me. Unless, of course, the note were attached to candy. Which is why I was so happy to find Bazooka’s Sweet Tweets.  Bazooka knows that candy is the “just kidding” of communicating with your kids.  You know how you can say anything to someone – even something insulting, or completely true, and if you follow it with “just kidding” it’s OK?  (For instance, to your frenemy at her birthday party: “I can’t think of anywhere I’d less like to be right now! Just kidding!”)  Candy is the same with kids.  You can leave little love notes in their back packs, or lunch bags, or inside their wallets – as long as there is candy attached.  Candy overrides parental humiliation.  It’s genius!

These little candies come in four flavors, and are attached to trim cardboard strips with fun illustrations on them that have just enough room on them for you to write a few short words.  I guess they’re called Sweet Tweets to reference the ubiquitous social media brand, but what they really are is sweet treats.  And speaking of ubiquitous social media, these little Bazooka sweeties are a good way to bring a little personal touch into your kids digital worlds — without getting writer’s cramp.

Of course I’ll probably write something so humiliating that even the candy won’t override it.

Do you think “Mommy loves it when you sing and dance in the shower?” is too embarrassing to be saved by a candy?

Yeah.  I thought so too.

Full Disclosure:  I heard about Sweet Tweets at an event sponsored by the ever wonderful Role Mommy at Taste Buds, a cooking studio/school for kids in Chelsea. My daughter and I got a mini cooking lesson and a handful of Sweet Tweets for attending.


  1. elissaPR says

    Ha! I used to leave notes in DD11’s lunch bag…now? Not so much. As a big fan of Bazooka (chomp!chomp!) I’m loving this product extension…

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