Wordless Wednesday: Baby Days

Ok, Ok, so they’re pre-teens now.  But lately, I’ve been nostalgic for the baby days.  Maybe it’s seeing all those uber-delicious pics of Momma’s Gone City‘s new wee one.  But whatever. I don’t miss the no sleeping, or the endless laundry, or the inability to even pee without an audience.  But I still miss the baby-ness of it all. How easy it was to get them to laugh, or smile, or run over and give me a hug.   So I’m indulging my nostalgia!  Enjoy.


  1. Jessica @peekababy says

    Wait–people get to pee without an audience?! I’m already getting nostalgic about way back in the day before my 5.5 year old knew how to open up a mouth…

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