Wordless Wednesday: Visiting Day List from a City Kid

After four weeks at sleepaway camp, this weekend is visiting day.  Here’s the list my daughter sent, categorizing the essentials. I love that on the one hand, she asks for sushi, dried seaweed, and dried strawberries.  And on the other hand, she lists Fart Putty as a visiting day essential. Priceless.


  1. Soliloquy says

    Four WEEKS?! What are you doing with yourself??

    I’m not impressed with your weather…. Just arrived in the city for the weekend and was so hoping for a break from our Atlanta heat…. Boo.

  2. says

    I love reading other kids’ Visitor Day lists. Here’s my kids’ list:
    1. A deck of cards and magazines
    2. Pair of crocs – purple or green
    3. A baguette with Lilydale turkey (we’re having a picnic)
    4. VISA – to pay for the extra 11 days she now wants to stay.

    The vacation continues!!

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