Me, Bobby Flay and Marcella Valladolid eat and get drunk

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I mean, I did meet Bobby Flay and Marcella Valladolid — both of them real honest-to-goodness Food Network Stars – but I’m pretty certain that the preternaturally fit and handsome Bobby Flay didn’t eat ANY of the food he had us try at the Hellmann’s/Share Our Strength event, and I’m just as certain that the gorgeous, perfect-bodied Marcella Valladolid, while she mixed up a bunch of killer cocktails (at a Sauza Tequila Ladies Night In event) didn’t get even the teeniest bit tipsy.

But what kind of a title would “I ate, I got drunk, oh, and Bobby Flay and Marcella Valladolid were there.” be, I ask you?  Not a very good one. So read on.  I did meet them, after all. Get over it.

I met Bobby Flay (and charming, beautiful celebrity Mom Lori Laughlin) at the  Helmann’s Back to School event, highlighting things we could make for our kids using Helmann’s mayonnaise. First of all, let me say that I LOVE Helmann’s. (and no, they did not pay me to say that.  They gave me a jar of mayo, a cutting board, and a Bobby Flay cookbook, hardly enough to buy my praise.) Even my picky son loves Helmanns.  But there is NO chance that he will eat a fish taco — made with Helmanns or not, and no chance that he will suddenly like egg salad – even if Bobby did make it with bacon. (notice how I just called him Bobby?  That’s what happens when you meet a celebrity.  You get to call them by their first names.  Like you know them. Cause you do. Sorta.)

I got a minute with Bobby and asked him for some tips about how to get my picky kid (who eats NO fresh fruit…ever!) eating more – For fruit, he says: Smoothies.  For everything else — pair the flavors he loves.  Makes sense.  Now if I could only figure out a recipe for bacon and fruit, I’m golden.

Two days later, I met Marcela Valladolid, Food Network’s resident Mexican expert (and model gorgeous) chef at a Ladies Night In party hosted by Role Mommy Beth Feldman, Dawn Sandomeno of Party Bluprints and Sauza Tequila.

Whoo hoo!  It had nothing to do with after school, or my kids.  This was all about the hooch.  Excuse me – I mean tequila.

For me, tequila has always brought up memories of The West End Pub, where, as a college freshman, they had $1 shots every Tuesday night.  Which, for me, meant getting blasted only cost $2!! Sadly, that means tequila also brings up memories of drunken co-eds fouling the quad. Nice.

But I learned something that night at the Sauza party: tequilla is more than a quick path to co-ed drunkeness. Tequila, when mixed into cocktails by a pro and cooked into recipes by a pro, is AMAZING. (recipes are here. try them. seriously)

It  all felt very Entourage on HBO.  You know, like Turtle and his tequila promotion thing. And come to think of it, Marcella (there’s that first name thing again) is just as gorgeous as Turtle’s girlfriend on the show. And nice.  And she can cook.  And man, can she mix a drink.  And make delicious shrimp using tequila, and quite possibly the best chicken wings ever. (well, legs, but let’s not be picky while I’m getting a virtual Sauza Tequila buzz on, shall we?) Plus – the cocktails were great.  Margarita Schmargarita.  These were designer cocktails.

Plus, I was there with people like Mom in the City, Beccarama, @MadiJack, and @thisfullhouse, So even without the hooch – sorry – tequila, the party was GREAT.  And they provided drivers.  So we could all have fun! (and no fouling the hostesses living room.)

So a ladies lunch and a ladies night out, all in one week.

Now if only I could have  figured out a way to have gotten Bobby Flay drunk on tequila, and Marcella to eat SO much mayo that she got less perfectly gorgeous, well, it would have been a perfect week.

Oh, wait.  Was that catty? Get over it!


I do want to mention here that Hellmann’s, Bobby Flay and Lori Laughlin are once again having a virtual Sandwich Swap N’ Share on Facebook. You go build a virtual sandwich, and each time you do, Hellmann’s will make a donation (up to $75,000)  to Share our Strength – the leading non-profit organization for ending childhood hunger right here in the US.  Hard to believe that children here in this country go hungry every day — but they do.  And all you have to do to help them out is make a virtual sandwich.  So click away, click!  This post is OVER!


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    Forget the video game envy… I have Bobby Flay envy… and tequila envy, but mainly Bobby Flay envy!
    I love him. Have loved him since we was Grillin n Chillin way back when… is he really that cute with those freckles and reddish hair in real life? Please say he was not as nice as he seems on tv and I’ll feel better… even if it’s a lie.

    And tequila? My FAVE! That was the very best part of my trip to Mexico… tequila vineyard- or what ever they call it- with FREE tequila- all I could drink… and that was A LOT!

    ahhh… if only I had the time, and the money, but mainly the time, for a week in Mazatlan right now… that tequila maker and I could have a great time… him pouring it and me drinking it and HeMan Hubby making sure I get in the right vehicle for the ride back to town… sweet memories waiting to be relived!

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