Hey, New York: Are you ready for an Emergency?

You Could Win this Emergency Readiness Kit

So here’s the thing about living in Manhattan: It’s culture filled and exciting.  It has great shopping and even better food.  It’s never boring, it sometimes smells. It’s where my family has lived since the late 19th century.  And it’s an island, which means that if there’s an emergency here, well, we’re kind of stuck.

So to us, being prepared for an emergency is a necessity.  Yet in a ridiculously un-scientific survey of the other moms waiting outside school for pickup one day last week, not one of them was.  Not even me.

Well, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) wants to change that.  They want  to give New Yorkers in all of the boroughs the resources to help them take the first steps towards being prepared in case of any emergency.  Not just horrifying attacks, but big snowstorms, or hurricanes, or who knows what else?

Here in NY, the closing of H&H bagels is an emergency.  But really, nothing can prepare you for that.

One way to prepare for more universal emergencies – like water main breaks or black outs – is by taking the new Readiness Challenge – an online emergency simulation that forces you  to make quick decisions at every turn.  It’s not like the answers aren’t obvious once you see them.  It’s just that when you take the test, you see just how many of those “obvious” things you haven’t done.  Luckily, the Readiness Challenge also guides you to the My Meeting Place Facebook application and other OEM resources to help you get started on your own emergency plans.

The OEM even has a link where you can go to find out when your NYC street will be plowed. (If we ever get an snow this year.  I mean, it’s January, and today it was 60 degrees!)

The OEM sent me an emergency preparedness kit (first aid kit, flashlight, batteries and other items you may need in an emergency) and they want to send one randomly chosen winner one, too.  All you have to do is:

Take the Readiness Challenge and navigate your way through the online tool to find out how prepared you are for an emergency.  Once you’ve finished, leave a comment telling us how it helped you get started on your emergency plans.  One lucky winner will be selected to get their own readiness pack.  But everyone who takes the challenge will get the knowledge and information they need to be ready in case of emergency, no matter where you live..

Like if Loehmann’s ever closes. Or, well, something like that.

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