5 Things I Miss about Big Sky Montana and 5 I Don’t

I am a city person.  For 30 years, New York City has been my home, and in the years preceding that, I spent every moment possible in the city.  So I’m kind of surprised that there are plenty of things about being in Montana (where we spent a great (partially sponsored by the Big Sky Resort) vacation earlier last month) that I miss. Here they are:

1. My Hair:  There’s no humidity in Montana.  I was shiksa-like in my follicular smoothness.

2. The Air: There isn’t a lot of it – base camp is at 7500 feet – but what there is is clean and clear and pine scented.  Not pine-sol scented.  But actual pines.  Somehow, the summer stench –

humidity + homeless people + NY City = ugh just can’t compare.

3. No MakeUp – I could go out of the house in NYC without any make up, but that would be unfair to those around me.  And you never know when some Time Out reporter might appear to snap your picture.  Or when you might see your favorite celeb.  Or an ex. In Montana, No-Make Up wasn’t just fine, it was the norm. And since the population is something like 17, there’s little chance of bumping into…anyone.

4. Space: As I mentioned in this post, my hotel room at Big Sky Resort was about the size of my apartment.  And it had a king sized bed.  At home, we only have room for a queen. Sigh.

5. Unplugging.  We went to Big Sky without electronic games.  Yes, I had a computer.  And yes, there was one ipad.  But the TV never went on.  There was no Xbox, no Minecraft, no endless texting with friends. Nice.

Top Things I don’t miss about being in Montana:

Yep. Those are actually my feet. Yikes.

1. Shoes.  I wore Keens.  I wore sneakers. Once, when I was feeling crazy, I wore “athletic flats.” I missed heels, and wedges, and once winter hit, I imagine I would have hated having boots as my only option…always.  I need shoes.  An array of shoes.

2. White Bread- Montana is white.  I mean really, really white. I was ethnic in Montana.  That’s sad.

3.  The Air.  All that fresh air was great and all, I mean, it did make the things I miss list, but a real city girl needs a little grime, soot and pollution to thrive.  I don’t know how much longer I could have taken it.

4. Shopping.  Or, well, the lack thereof. There wasn’t a whole lot of quality shopping in Big Sky. Unless of course you call a t-shirt with a Moose on it – no, a selection of t-shirts with moose on them – quality.  Which I don’t.

5. Conversation. I like to hear about that gnarly run on the Gallatin River as much as the next girl.  I’m enthralled by tales of bear avoidance on the hiking trails.  But when that’s the only conversation — how far you ran, how high you climbed, how idiotically death-defying you were, well, I start to turn into the Ivy educated snob I am and crave a discussion with a bit more depth than the bottom of that beer glass you’re holding as you regale me with tales of mountain biking in a blizzard uphill in both directions.

There are pros and cons to everything, right? But this should tell you something:  My family is planning a Ski Trip to Big Sky Resort next year. On our own dime.


  1. lindastoria says

    Nope nope nope. You’d have to drag me out of New York City with my fingernails breaking ff as I clutched the sidewalk. New Jersey is the country for me.

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