Aloha Philadelphia!

Chica from Sprout

Chica from Sprout will be there too!

Spring is just around the corner…so why is it suddenly so wintry feeling out there? Need a tropical fix?  Head to the Philadelphia Flower Show – (starting Sunday and running through March 11) because this year, “the nation’s Flower Show” will transport you to “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha” This is so much more than a flower show: it’s part exhibition, part learning and lectures, part kids fantasy, and part competition.  And since it is part competition, the wow factor will be impressive.  Not only that, but this year, the organizers have decided to provide a tropical experience that blends digital technology with nature’s beauty  – to spectacular effect.

Like this: a high-definition video projection, will make it feel like you’re entering the show by walking under a crashing wave.  Unless you happen to enter when that same digital projection makes it seems like you’re going through a wall of living orchids. Keep going into a canopy of palms and ferns, and you’ll end up at a 35-foot waterfall. With its own goddess.  And every hour, authentic Hawaiian hula dancers will perform – giving the show an even more “you are there” feeling.

This sounds kid friendly enough to me, but there’s a whole program just for kids, too, with visits by The Lorax (!), hands-on planting, flower arranging, Hawaii-inspired arts and crafts, and earth-loving activities in the all-new Einstein Healthcare Network Family Lounge powered by Sprout.  If you’re planning on making the trip with your kids, you might want to look into getting a Family Fun Pak which includes tickets for two adults and two children and a one-year membership with The Philadelphia Horticulture Society, all for $70. Sunday March 11th is family day with even more extras – like the chance to meet some of their favorite TV characters from Sprout TV and Universal Studios.

What I love about it is how they’ve fused the technology that grabs kids, with the natural wonder that teaches, engages, and enriches them.

That, and the fact that this is likely as close to going to Hawaii as I will ever get!

The Philadelphia Flower Show is open Sunday, March 4-11 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. (so it’s HUGE!) .  Advance tickets are available at


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    Gee I sure wish I could make it over to Phila this week… especially since my neighbor just cut down the heirloom rose bushes from my grandfather’s garden… he died 18 years ago… that I had planted on the property line along my drive. they would brighten my day every time I drove down the lane and saw then blooming from spring through early fall… now I am sitting here trying to decide how to confront the neighbor for killing plants that were all I had left of my grand parents.

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