At Least my Dog Still Loves Me

The Kids vs. The Dog

Cu bentley I remember the olden days when my children would cry and carry on when I left the house to go out. “Don’t go Mommy! Don’t go!” And when they would rejoice at my return, running to the door to smother me with kisses….even if I had only gone downstairs to get the mail.

But alas, they are only memories.  Now, when I leave, I’m lucky if they look up from their book, or – let’s be honest here – one of their many screens.  Instead of “Don’t go Mommy.” I get something that’s a cross between a grunt and a goodbye.  Kind of a good-grunt. When I return, I wander around the apartment until I find someone. “Um, hello?” I say. Instead of kisses I get…well, I get nothin’.

That’s what dogs are for.

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  1. says

    Hey there busy lady!
    Hope things are getting better on the NYC front…

    Gee, you don’t carry a poopy bag when you walk the kids?
    I must be dong something wrong then! LOL!
    No, seriously… I love having the back door to let the dog out … but HEY! he can open the front door and let himself out anytime he wants. Still working on teaching him to close it when he’s done… no opposable thumbs seems to be the problem there… but we’re working on it! LOL!

    Take Care!

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