Hungry For Hunger Games Stuff?

If your kids are anything like mine, Hunger Games excitement – in time for  the March 23rd release of the movie based on the best-selling YA series – is already at a frenzy. Never fear.  You can satisfy your kids desire for all things Hunger Games right now, with two cool online sites.

At, you can get all sorts of different skins for your various electronic devices that feature licensed images from the film; for all kinds of Hunger Games clothing and accessories head on over to Cafe Press.

The cool thing about the CafePress store is that it will be selling both officially licensed film merchandise and fan created designs.

The official merchandise will be a sampling of all licensed products for the film, with a concentration on apparel, accessories, and novelty items.  But here’s the cool part: THE HUNGER GAMES fan merchandise portal will allow fans to design their own t-shirts, canvas bags, water bottles, and more than 250 other products. There are even mini shops that focus on the film’s major characters and Districts.

Also fun for tweens (and I’m sure plenty of somewhat creepy enthusiastic grown up fans),is that they will also have a chance to create a free District ID Card* through a new exclusive Hunger Games Facebook application that will be available within the CafePress shop.  Any fan that registers for an ID card through the app can claim a physical ID card that shows among other things their district and job assignment. Existing “citizens of Panem” can also claim their free The Hunger Games ID card* through the app.

How cool is that? has six different designs to choose from. There’s an intense closeup of Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a smouldering profile of Liam Hemsworth as Gale, and a can’t-get-used-to-him-as-a-blond shot of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.  Plus logos, a Mockingjay and another Jennifer Lawrence beauty shot.  There are skins for just about every devices you can name:  phones, MP3 Players, MP3 speakers and speaker docks, DS,   laptops, desktop computers, Bluetooth headsets, DVD players, printers, cameras, even medical devices)  You can even get giant wall stickers to decorate (impermanently) your obsessed tween’s room.

For a simpler Hunger Games pre-movie fix, download the new Taylor Swift song, Safe and Sound, from the soundtrack,  You can get it on itunes.

I think that if you get your kid something from one of these places, “the odds will be ever in your favor” that they’ll like it.  And yes – that’s a reference to the books.  I read them all, too!


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    I would have thought that the Hunger Games would be too scary for tweens. I loved it, but pictured it being for teens and up. I’m glad your kids liked it because I think it is fantastic and has such a strong female lead. Did you read the books?

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      My kids LOVED it. And what was nice is that both my son and daughter thought the books were great. I think it’s a super “tween” series. Lots of great messages about looks not geing everything, about being wary of excess, about working together, and classism. All wrapped up in an easy to read page-turned kids like. We can’t wait for the movie.

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