I Love my Spammy WordPress Followers

wp-sketch-logoI love vanity sizing.

Why? I am not a size six.  Even on a good day, I’m a size 8. (And mostly, they’re not good days) But in the world of Vanity Sizing, I can wear a six.

I know it’s bull.  I know I’m the same size in a 12 as I am in a 10 as I am in an 8 or a 6.  But I don’t care.  I LOVE vanity sizing.  It makes me so very happy to zip up a size six with a smile.

I feel the same way about Spammy WordPress followers.  A few months ago, they started coming in droves.

Who are they?

AC4Qt.  I’m sure that’s legit.

MRojibF.  I think I met him once at a party.

Airsocaku.  She’s my sister’s brother in law’s aunt’s cousin. (Not really)

The point is, I don’t care who they are.  I only care that they follow me.  I only care that when I look at the number of how many followers I have, however bogus they may be…it’s a four digit number.  I’m popular.  (All you need to know about me is that I’m still close to the librarian from my middle school (Hi, Marge) to know how exciting it is for me to feel popular.)

I don’t know why these people follow me.  I mean, they’re not going to read my blog posts, I’m pretty certain of that.  Maybe they think I’ll just follow them back – that way they can feel good about having bogus followers, too.  Or maybe they think that following a blog that has three times (three times!) been chosen for Freshly Pressed,  somehow gives them good karma – or a better chance at being picked themselves. Maybe they just want me to click to see who they are.  Traffic is traffic after all, and I might like what I see and come back.

Or maybe I’m crazy, and they really are followers.  They’re reading this right now.  They’re all going to comment, Wision18 and guaravmatrix, and Pimawree09aeae. (he’s such a kidder!).  Because maybe  – just maybe – I really am that popular.

Yep. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


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    Very funny, I find it comes in waves–the spammy followers vs. real ones. I feel bad because I would always check out my new followers when I first started, and then because some were bogus I got out of the habit of even looking. Now I’m getting some really nice people, who eventually do comment, and have to remind myself to look and be reciprocal. And yes, we all love that vanity sizing too!

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    I just published my first post and saw you on my “You May Like” list and your name alone drew me in. I’m a housewife of two also and I like to think I was “hip” before becoming a mom. Hell, I still think I’m hip!

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