New Year, New Look: A Duane Reade Shopping Trip

Resolution, schmesolution, you want new things in the new year?  Just do it. (Sorry, Nike)

Not so new hair for the New Year!

I started with my hair.  The other day I posted about my new super short ‘do.  I left that hairdresser looking TOTALLY different.  Of course, that was when she blow dried it.  This morning, I did it myself — and it doesn’t look all that different than it did before I got it cut. Sigh.

So I needed something else to shake things up.  And since Duane Reade is sponsoring this post (though not paying for the stuff  I buy when I’m at the store.) I figured – why not start there with a new make-up and hair regimen for the new year.  Because, let’s face it, nobody did a bigger makeover than Duane Reade itself.  They must know something about this stuff.

I headed to the DR on 79th and Broadway because it’s the closest one, and it was zero degrees outside.  This DR isn/t as glam as the 72nd Street one, but it has been completely redone, and still feels pretty brand spanking new.

First things first:  I need new product to go with my new hair, to keep it looking like new hair.  They have quite the selection.  From the usual drug store brands to the higher end stuff.  I go high end, spending $18 on Slept In, by Short Sexy Hair , which is, I gather, supposed to give me sexy hair.

Next, eyes.  I am a big fan on Bobbi Brown gel eye liner.  But its not really the sort of thing you can throw in your purse – You need a brush to apply it, you need another brush to smudge it.  So I need a good old fashioned eye pencil.  For $2.99 Wet n Wild self sharpening eye pencil works for me. Plus, a L’Oreal quad of eyeshadows in Desert Sunrise…basically the same colors I always get – muted earth tones – but mine are old and gross and this one is fresh and new.  (At this point, all my picture taking is freaking the store employees out.  So either they’re offering to help to keep an eye on me, or because they really, really care. Maybe a bit of both!)

On my way to get cream for my dark under eye circles, I notice they even have a Men’s high end selection. And this isn’t even Chelsea!  There’s WAY too much to choose from.  But at the new Duane Reade, that’s not a problem.  Shakira (who hasn’t seen me take any pics and so isn’t wary of me) offers advice on the active ingredients of several brands. She’s so good at what she does that instead of getting the mass market brand I would have chosen, I shell out $38 for a fancy French brand. (eating into my sponsorship fee again.  Sigh.)

Now that DR has fresh food, I can save myself a trip to West End Market (too cold to walk all the way to Fairway.)  All I need to complete my recipe for Salmon Loaf made from leftover roast salmon is some yogurt.  I get Chobani for a good price, and then notice Siggi’s Icelandic Style yogurt.  I have no idea what that means, but it’s pomegranate/passion fruit flavor – two of my all time favorite fruits – so I shell out – (are you ready?) $3.98 for a 5.3 oz container.  It had better be good.  And it is.  Not too sweet, super thick and creamy, and 0% fat! Bummer, now I’ll have to buy Siggi’s more often.

Some of the new things I notice aren’t quite as fabulous  – like these plastic heel protectors.  Basically, they’re the fashion equivalent of plastic on the furniture – but I digress.

This is going to be the year of no complaining from my dental hygienist, so I get Glide dental floss and the hard to find oral b little brushes.


New Hair. (ish). New products.  New Duane Reade.

hey, it’s a start.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollectiveBias. #CBias The money spent and the opinions given are my own. #duanereade

You can see more photos from my trip – and check out the goods for yourself by clicking here.

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