My GlaMOMous Life

True, I’m a Mom.  And true, unless you’re Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow there ain’t a whole lot that’s glamorous about it.  But I do have my GlaMOMous moments. Here are some recent ones.

1. Last Saturday night, hubby and I went out to dinner with (child free) friends.  The time of the reservation? 9:45.  The place?  The hip and fabulous Chop Shop in the Meat Packing district. What made it GlaMOMous other than the time and locale?  I was NOT the oldest woman in the place. Whoo hoo!

2. I was a lady who lunches and saw a Broadway Show, Time Stands Still, with Laura Linney, Alicia Silverstone, and Eric Bogosian. (they were in the show, they didn’t see it with me.)

3. I had my hair done by hair-dresser to the stars Creighton Bowman.  Or as he likes to be known, Creighton Bowman for Tres Semme.  Yes.  My hairdresser has a sponsor.  And he does movie star hair.  On real movie star heads.  Check out his website. Plus, in case you were wondering, he really does use Tres Semme.  I guess I always thought that celebrity sponsors only used their products on camera.  Turns out, Creighton (at least) uses his sponsor’s products in real life, too.

4. I met with my dog’s agent.

You read it right.  My dog, Bentley, has an agent.  And while he’s not ready for prime time yet…we’re getting there.  And before you get all upset about me exploiting my dog for profit — he’s a DOG! Get over it.

5. I had a massage in a lovely little town upstate that seems like just the kind of place celebs would go to be left alone.

6. I met Cody Linley (teen heart throb/Hannah Montana star) at a launch party for a new Wii game by Sega. (Click here to read all about it.)  And ok, ok, maybe that’s not exactly glamorous.  But my daughter was with me and she thought it was the height of celebrity.  So there.

7. I saw Kelly Ripa at the supermarket.  Which, I do believe, is the definition of GlaMOMous.  Because who, other than a mom, would be at the supermarket in the middle of the day?

8.  I went to Barneys.  True, I was there to return some clothing to the children’s department that was a gift, and that didn’t fit.  But still – it was Barney’s.  Talk about glam – even the  sales people look like movie stars. (Ok – those of you not in NY – is Barney’s a totally NY thing?  Or is it everywhere?)

I thought I could get to ten things.  Really I did.  But alas, no can do.

Still – not too shabby for a stay at home Mom.  Feeling better about myself already!


  1. says

    Wowsers! You do live a Glamorous Life!

    I went to Wal-Mart and Aldi for groceries and ran into… no one.

    Got my hair done at the new salon by the high school and saw some really nice photos of celebs in the magazines.

    I met Billy Ray Cyrus in 1991 and he signed his Achey Brakey Heart Cassette for my son ( then 3) who sang the whole song for Billy Ray while standing in line.

    My best friend dated Mike Rowe ( of Dirty Jobs fame) when he was a local celeb. Hubby and I went to the bars and hung out with him… and his brother was my room mate for a second .

    Ummm… I once had a life. But it was never glamorous. Even when I thought it was.

    Maybe my next one will be better… I hope so cuz I don’t even want to imagine what worse would be!

    Until then I will live vicariously thru others, like youm who actually see real celebs and go to grown up places!

    • says

      Too funny about Mike Crowe. I used to work with him on something I think was called Cafe Tv – TV for Mall Food Courts. Not a rousing success! But he is, huh?

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