Project You Magazine: I’m in the inaugural issue!

My friend Beth Feldman is the founder of Role Mommy.  Which means she runs PR events for women amd brand events for bloggers. It means she offers online courses in PR and blogging, and that she passes on press opportunities to her giant database of bloggers.  Oh, and it means she blogs, and sings, and writes parody songs.  It means, dear readers, that she has her own Role Mommy credit card. Yes, a credit card.

So I wasn’t at all surprised when she decided that, you know, since she had so little going on in her life (did I mention the two kids, the husband, and the beautiful house in the ‘burbs?), that she decided to start a magazine.

Project You.  It’s all about women, and pursuing your passion while raising your family.

Except for my essay in the mag – it’s about how sometimes (just sometimes) I meet kids that I don’t like.

Yes.  I’m just that evil.

If you want to read it, click here, then turn to page 13. (you can read it online, or print it out and read it magazine style.)

One more thing: If you think that you recognize your own child in the piece.  Well, you’re wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I LOVE your child. Really.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


  1. dawn says

    Congrats on the new gig! I haven’t gotten over to read it yet… but I will, once the article envy passes.

    Actually, a blog post I wrote last week is being published in a medical magazine in Augusta, Ga this month… it may have been in today’s issue, if not it will be in the Nov 1st issue.
    A friend of a friend of a friend read it, cried and just had to find out who wrote it and get permission to print it in his magazine this month…. of course I said YES!

    So never mind on that envy thing… I might just get my own gig someday! 🙂

    Going over to read this new magazine a friend told me about …
    Project You is supposed to be banging!!!

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