Seinfeld on the Beach

So my in-laws were visiting us at the beach this past weekend. And let me begin this post by saying that they are truly lovely. Generous, kind, forthcoming with praise and compliments, devoted to family. Also, that my mother-in-law could give lessons in NOT butting in. (God bless her) But (you knew there would be a but, didn’t you?) being with them is kind of like living inside of an episode of Seinfeld. I think that my Father-in-Law especially, tries so hard not to be a burden, that he ends up being a slam-dunk for a character on Seinfeld.

Here is an account of an ACTUAL conversation I had with my Father-In-Law (FIL).

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Me: Would you like some coffee?

FIL: No problem, no problem.

Me: So….coffee then?

FIL: Sure. No problem.

Me: How do you take it?

FIL: Don’t trouble yourself.

Me: It’s no trouble. Do you take milk? Sugar?

FIL: It’s not problem. However you like it.

Me: Well – I want it to be how you like it.

FIL: Plain is fine.

Me: Ok then. Black.

I pour the coffee and bring it to him from the kitchen.

Me: Here you go.

FIL: Would you have a little milk?

I go back to the kitchen and add some milk.

Me: Ok. Coffee with milk.

FIL: Would you have a little sugar?


I know it’s well intentioned but I’ll say it again: AAAAAAARGH!

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about having seen all of the re-runs. I’ve got my own personal Seinfeld episode, right here at the beach.

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