Tan and Fab or Spotty and Drab?

So here’s the thing — I look better with a tan.

I know it’s bad for me. I know the reason I have those splotches on my face is because I spent too much time in the sun as a kid. And I know I could get skin cancer. So I put sunscreen on every day. Even when it’s cloudy. Even in winter. Cross my heart and hope to get crows feet. Really, I do.

But it’s summer, and I’m in the Hamptons, and even with sunscreen, I’m getting a tan.

When I’m tan, that little bitty age-spot under my eye becomes invisible. With a tan, it looks like my arms are way more cut than they are. (Which isn’t hard, they aren’t exactly cut.) With a tan, my eyes look bluer, my skin appears more even, I lose that ooblek colored dead-of-winter hue I acquire each year.

I’ve tried self-tanners. Usually, I end up looking like an oompa-loompa. (Nivea was OK, but still not as flattering as the real thing.) I’ve tried bronzers ( I like Bare Escentuals “warmth”)– but when I attempt to avoid the “face one color neck another” effect, I end up having to bronze myself all the way down to my navel. I mean, how can you stop applying bronzer when you’re trying to avoid having a line of demarcation between made-up and not? Anywhere you stop you’ll get a line….right? (There are, it seems, actual rules about how to do this properly – even an entire website devoted to it.  Who knew?)

I’m not tanning. It’s just that I’ve been plodding (I’d call it jogging, but I’m not going fast enough to call it that) to Cooper’s Beach a few times a week. I’ve been gardening. (Our vegetable garden is really doing well this year.) I’ve been taking walks and bike rides with the kids. And I’ve done all of it wearing sunscreen and/or a hat. And still, I’m getting tan.

I kinda like it.

I know once the fall comes and my tan fades, I’ll see those age-spots again. Maybe even some new ones. But until then, I’m enjoying living in the long ago land of even skin-tone and bright blue eyes. I’m taking all the precautions, I’m sunning responsibly.

And if none of that works, I’ve already started shopping for skin lighteners I might try this Fall.


  1. says

    Tanning is good (Vitamin D), too much tanning is bad.

    You can minimize damage by using topical antioxidant products. It wont stop the UV damage, but it will take care of the UV induced free radical damage.

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