Idina Menzel with Me and Rebecca Levey at the press conference announcing the contest!

Idina Menzel with Me and Rebecca Levey at the press conference announcing the contest!

Yesterday, I was at a press conferece with Idina Menzel.  Yep.  That’s me and her – right there with Rebecca Levey.

We were together to announce some special events at this year’s Kids Night on Broadway. And to ask this question: Is your kid Broadway’s biggest fan?

Because KidzVuz (my website for kids) and Kids Night on Broadway want to find Broadway’s biggest (kid) fan, and we’re having a contest to do just that.

I was a HUGE, theater geek.  I still am, actually.  But I never got a chance like this one:  KidzVuz and Kids Night on Broadway are giving away two family four packs of tickets to see a Broadway Show!  Amazing, right?  It’s the Broadway’s Biggest Fan contest – and it’s a contest for kids only (6-18) and it’s easy to enter.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what the stars have to say about it.

What’s Kids Night on Broadway?  It’s an amazing, nationwide program where, when you buy a full price ticket to a Broadway or regional participating show, you get a ticket for a kid 6-18 – free.  Yep.  FREE!!!!

So get your kid on KidzVuz — and you and your whole family could be enjoying a Broadway Show as part of Kids Night on Broadway!

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wp sketch logoI love vanity sizing.

Why? I am not a size six.  Even on a good day, I’m a size 8. (And mostly, they’re not good days) But in the world of Vanity Sizing, I can wear a six.

I know it’s bull.  I know I’m the same size in a 12 as I am in a 10 as I am in an 8 or a 6.  But I don’t care.  I LOVE vanity sizing.  It makes me so very happy to zip up a size six with a smile.

I feel the same way about Spammy WordPress followers.  A few months ago, they started coming in droves.

Who are they?

AC4Qt.  I’m sure that’s legit.

MRojibF.  I think I met him once at a party.

Airsocaku.  She’s my sister’s brother in law’s aunt’s cousin. (Not really)

The point is, I don’t care who they are.  I only care that they follow me.  I only care that when I look at the number of how many followers I have, however bogus they may be…it’s a four digit number.  I’m popular.  (All you need to know about me is that I’m still close to the librarian from my middle school (Hi, Marge) to know how exciting it is for me to feel popular.)

I don’t know why these people follow me.  I mean, they’re not going to read my blog posts, I’m pretty certain of that.  Maybe they think I’ll just follow them back – that way they can feel good about having bogus followers, too.  Or maybe they think that following a blog that has three times (three times!) been chosen for Freshly Pressed,  somehow gives them good karma – or a better chance at being picked themselves. Maybe they just want me to click to see who they are.  Traffic is traffic after all, and I might like what I see and come back.

Or maybe I’m crazy, and they really are followers.  They’re reading this right now.  They’re all going to comment, Wision18 and guaravmatrix, and Pimawree09aeae. (he’s such a kidder!).  Because maybe  – just maybe – I really am that popular.

Yep. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


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CES-2014-logoI didn’t hit CES2014.  I don’t think I missed anything.

For the past several years, I have made the annual tech trek to CES in Las Vegas.  For the uninitiated, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, once a trade show exclusively for electronic retailers to make their biggest yearly merchandise buys,  now a humongous tech-spectacle.  It’s where big tech announcement take place, new tech products are launched, and where 3200 exhibitors hawk their wares to 150,000 attendees in the hopes of ringing up a sale, racking up some publicity, or wrangling some coverage.  In other words, it’s a massive techie-dream – or not, depending on your point of view.

I think  my friend Ben Rudolph, (aka Ben the PC Guy) said it best:  CES is the Best Worst Week.

I admit it felt a little funny not to be at CES this year…at least until I made this list.

So here it is:  The Top Ten Things I Didn’t Miss by Not Going to CES this Year:

10. Porn Star Karaoke and Porn Star Beer Pong Continue Reading »

OK, Maybe not a movie.  But at least a cute little montage!  It really shows what a fun, crazy time we had with our fantastic guests and sponsors.  (And putting it together brought me back to my TV producer days!)  Check it out!

Thanks again to sponsors Homewood Suites by Hilton, Samsung Mobile, Nintendo, Downtown Bookworks, Dermalogica, Clear Start, audible.com, Hasbro, Spinmaster, iScreamNY, the Broadway League, the ESRB, Green Mustache smoothies, Chloe’s Soft Server, Fairway Market, Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads, The Broadway League,  and Battery Pop.

My Stressed Teens

Being a teen is stressful.  There’s all that homework.  All that uncertainty about your social status.  At least  teens are sure of one thing: their parents know NOTHING, nothing at all.

Well,  CNN came to my apartment to talk to my family about stress.  I guess because, well, we’re stressed.  Between running a company and running a household, I’m pretty much a lunatic, and my kids have basketball, and dance, and NYC High School test prep and homework, and my husband – the job, aging parents, riding the subway every day, a dog who seems to throw up at least once a month…and always on the white carpet. We’re like the poster family for stress.

But when reporter Kelly Wallace started talking to my kids, and the cameras started to roll, they didn’t seem stressed at all.  My son and daughter were poised, and articulate, and lovely.  Maybe the cameras should be rolling around here more often.  Check them out, on CNN Parents. Teens: Generation Stressed

So last week was our totally insane, incredibly fabulous (if I do say so myself) KidzVuz Holiday House Party.  What’s that?  It’s 150 kids, 100 top mom bloggers together with some majorly fun brands together for an afternoon of playing, testing, trying, learning..even tasting!

This year, KidzVuz title sponsor was Homewood Suites by Hilton.   And we threw a seriously big bash where kids and Mom Bloggers got to try out products from Nintendo, Samsung, Dermalogica, Clear Start, audible.com, Hasbro, Spinmaster, DownTown Bookworks, BatteryPop, and Green Mustache. (And more, too — read on!)

Take a look at how it went!

KidzVuz Holiday Party: Spinmaster

Zoomer Dog from Spinmaster - is one of the hottest toys of the year.  And from the look on this girl’s face, it’s easy to see why. We gave everyone a chance to try it out, and even gave one away in our raffle to benefit our non profit partner, The Lamp.  Kawaii Crush had all the girls oohing and ahhing!  So cute, so much fun to play and imagine.Flutterbye Fairy:  a fairy that really flies!  Need we say more?  And Tenkai Knights are great for building…and battling, both online and off.

In the Nintendo game lounge, kids checked out the latest WiiU, Wii Fit, 3DS and 2DS games and consoles. Mario never looked so good.  And we love Wii games because they get kids playing together, and and get them out of their seats and moving around! Who says video gaming is a solo activity?  Nintendo brings gaming to the whole family!

Hasbro brought another of this year’s hottest toys, Furby Boom.  Cute-ness!  They also had Nerf Rebelle - because it’s about time girls had a Nerf of their own! And Twister Rave.  Party in a box!!!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 kids is a kids tablet even a grown up can love!  That is, if the kids can tear themselves away from it long enough for the parents to have a chance!  With any easy to understand interface, a kid-proof design, and parental controls that let you do everything from set access to set playing time, and with a price of about $200….this tablet is amazing.

And how awesome are these SuperHero cookies?  They’re from the  Official DC SuperHero Cookbook from our sponsor Downtown Bookworks.  Can you say too awesome to eat?  Hard to do with your mouth full of cookies, right?  Downtown Bookworks has tons of beautifully designed books for curious kids, crafty kids..all kinds of kids!

Downstairs, our friends at iScream provided a candy bar (yum!) and sand candy art, but it was really all about their amazing pillows, bags, clothes and accessories.  Tween girls go crazy for them! Plus, BatteryPop showed off it’s new app and site that gives kids a great selection of videos picked just for them. (No worries about inappropriate content here!)

But it wasn’t just about the kids!  Oh no!  Homewood Suites by Hilton provided a lodge where moms could kick back and hear about all the great things Homewood Suites has to offer – -like their free grocery delivery service – right to your room!  Their great “pick your room before you arrive” feature, and the fact that the all-suite hotel has lots more sweet perks – like free hot breakfast daily, a putting green or pool in every property, free WiFi, and so much more.

Dermalogica was there mapping moms’ faces (not as strange as it sounds) and giving personalized skin care advice.  And Clear Start was there, too.  Teaching kids how to keep their skin, well, clear, as they hit those teenaged years.

In the audible.com Mom Lounge, moms learned all about the super cool features of the audible app — like how it lets you take your whole library with you on your mobile device.  How the kindle Whisper App lets you read your book, then stop, start listening to it, then reading it again, picking up where the audiobook left off.  And as if that weren’t cool enough,  the folks from audible were kind enough to bring along this guy — with wine and prosecco!  Talk about a party!

Our non-profit partner, The Lamp, was there teaching kids media literacy – which is what they do for under-served kids in NYC all the time. Our generous guests donated $900 to the organization.  (We love our bloggers!)  And The Broadway League was there telling everyone about Kids Night Out on Broadway. Buy an adult ticket, and a kid ticket is free!  While the ESRB taught moms and kids how to know which videos games are right (and safe and appropriate) for them.

We had dance music, too!  And since we’re KidzVuz, we had a kid DJ!  DJ Kai from FuziPop.  Plus kids making on-site reviews, and prizes!!!

All that playing and learning, and relaxing made everybody hungry!  Good thing we had snacks and drinks from Fairway Market, Stonefire Naan, Chloe’s Fruit, Green Mustache Smoothies, and Zico coconut water.

And of course, every kid left with an awesome KV Holiday Gift bag!

Does it sound crazy?  Well, it was, in the best possible way!!

Thanks to all of our sponsors and all of our guests for making this year’s KidzVuz Holiday House Party the best one yet!

And serious thanks to Amy Jacobs from Chandelier Events for pulling it all together and to Josh Strauss of Josh Strauss studios for all of the amazing photos.

1974 - I think.

1973 – I think.

My Grandparents celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary and the Pecoho country club – long long gone.  My parents had moved that same day, while I stayed with my aunt.  But they don’t look exhausted at all.


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